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Christmas in Spain: Best Christmas Markets of Madrid

Christmas in Spain: Best Christmas Markets of Madrid

Every season of the year has something special, but let’s be honest and admit that Christmas is beyond special. This season has a blend of gifts, games and lights, The cities looks gorgeous … read more

Spain with Kids

So many people think that going to Spain is hard if they have kids, and most of them postpone their dreamed trip because everything they hear about coming to Spain is about food, … read more

Dates of the Running of The bulls 2017• Saint Fermin Festival in Pamplona

The Running of the Bulls festival is about to begin! We are only 7 weeks away from the famous Spanish festival, and If you don’t have your trip organized and you do not … read more

Costa del Sol, the Golf Coast

Andalusia, the south of Spain, is a region with beautiful places to visit and a wide range of activities to do. In this region there is a portion of the coast known as … read more

10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony

10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony

The Encierro is the most important event of the Running of the Bulls Festival and surely one of the best known events worldwide. Many people travel to Pamplona with the idea of running … read more

How long is the Running of The Bulls of Pamplona?

How long is The Running of the Bulls route?

After many years of talking to customers who want to travel to Pamplona during The Running of the Bulls, one of the popular questions is “How long is the Running of the Bulls … read more

Live Nativity Scene of Corbera

The live nativity scene of Corbera is one of the more traditional events of Christmas in Catalonia. Since 1962, around this time (from first weekend of December until second Sunday of January), 238 … read more

Unique Theaters in Spain

If during your trip to Spain you want to have fun with a good comedy, enjoy classic theater, thrill with opera or delight with a musical event, we recommend you attending to one … read more

Exclusive Skiing in Spain

Spain isn’t most traveler’s first choice when it comes to skiing. But with ski resorts in five distinct regions of the country, skiing in Spain is hot stuff. Where can you ski in … read more

Top Five Spanish Festivals

Top Five Spanish Festivals

Probably one of the most curious things about Spain, is that every town and village celebrates its city festivals in a unique and different way. Some of them do battles with wine or … read more

Celebrities adore Ibiza Island

This year there have been few celebrities that did not went to Ibiza. The Ibiza Island is full of glamorous every summer, but especially during these months we could have seen enjoying the … read more