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Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Travel Tips 04/13/17

Barcelona, the most visited Spanish city, is well known around the world for having a unique cultural heritage. There are few places in the world where you can find the type of luxury … read more

Travel with Kids: Best Menorca’s Beaches

Travel Tips 11/10/16

With more than 200 Km of coast, Menorca is an ideal beach destination to enjoy with kids. Without a doubt, the least known island of the Balearic Islands, is the most calm and has … read more

Best place to watch The Running of the Bulls

Travel Tips 11/03/16

As good pamplonica (local of Pamplona) since I was born, 34 years ago, I have not missed even one year The Running of the Bulls Festival (Sanfermines). And year after year, I see … read more

5 Tips to Experience the Perfect Trip to Spain

Travel Tips 05/01/15

Sometimes people says that vacations could be more stressful than their real life, Because when they a take flight far away from their home, and decide to visit a very cultural destination as … read more

Flying to Spain

Travel Tips 04/18/14

In recent decades Spain has invested in the improvement of its transport infrastructure (roads, ports and airports) in order to be a more competitive country globally. As a result, today we can boast … read more

Be Spanish for a few days - We'll show you how

Be Spanish for a few days

Travel Tips 02/08/14

If you want to experience Spain like a local, you cannot miss these ten activities you are sure never to forget: 1. Attend a Soccer Match What can we say about soccer? We … read more

We hope you enjoy this journey through the Spanish culture and country!

We welcome you to LIVE Spain!

Travel Tips 01/28/14

With this first post we would like to welcome you to our new space, the I Live Spain blog. This is where we can share our passion for Spain, honoring old traditions and … read more