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Coolest places for an exclusive night in Madrid

Travel Tips 11/12/18

Madrid is a city that offers you everything one could need. As the capital city of Spain, its cultural, sport and leisure events put Madrid at the top of European cities in terms … read more

Is Spain a Paradise for Medical Tourism?

Travel Tips 10/24/18

Spain is turning to be one of the most important countries in the world in terms of medicine. Some of the most reputed doctors are Spanish or are working in Spain and there … read more

Honeymoon Ideas in Spain

Travel Tips 08/05/18

We always talk about adventure, luxury and historic places to visit, but did you know that Spain has some neat places to go for your HONEYMOON?  I bet you don’t! Here we are … read more

The most beautiful Andalusia Villages

Travel Tips 04/11/18

The beautiful Andalucía, well known for the flamenco, the dresses, the elegance of its people and the gipsy atmosphere found in its cities has also a very unique way of architecture. Thanks to … read more

Responsible Travel: Sustainable Hotels in Spain

Travel Tips 03/09/18

Tourism is one of the most important Industries in the world and there are many cities where the major source of income is tourism. Is not a secret all the problems that can … read more

Our Favourite National Parks in Spain.

Travel Tips 10/31/17

Spain is recognized around the world for its paradise beaches, but not so much for its natural national parks and that is a pity since the flamenco Country has some natural gems hidden … read more

Wellness & Luxury Ideas in Spain

Travel Tips 10/17/17

Many people wonder why they still feel tired after their vacations, is like needing another vacations from vacations at home to be able to rest and continue with our regular activities. Well, let … read more

Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Travel Tips 04/13/17

Barcelona, the most visited Spanish city, is well known around the world for having a unique cultural heritage. There are few places in the world where you can find the type of luxury … read more

Travel with Kids: Best Menorca’s Beaches

Travel Tips 11/10/16

With more than 200 Km of coast, Menorca is an ideal beach destination to enjoy with kids. Without a doubt, the least known island of the Balearic Islands, is the most calm and has … read more

Best place to watch The Running of the Bulls

Travel Tips 11/03/16

As good pamplonica (local of Pamplona) since I was born, 34 years ago, I have not missed even one year The Running of the Bulls Festival (Sanfermines). And year after year, I see … read more

5 Tips to Experience the Perfect Trip to Spain

Travel Tips 05/01/15

Sometimes people says that vacations could be more stressful than their real life, Because when they a take flight far away from their home, and decide to visit a very cultural destination as … read more

Flying to Spain

Travel Tips 04/18/14

In recent decades Spain has invested in the improvement of its transport infrastructure (roads, ports and airports) in order to be a more competitive country globally. As a result, today we can boast … read more

Be Spanish for a few days - We'll show you how

Be Spanish for a few days

Travel Tips 02/08/14

If you want to experience Spain like a local, you cannot miss these ten activities you are sure never to forget: 1. Attend a Soccer Match What can we say about soccer? We … read more