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Don't just go to Spain. Live Spain.

Stop for a moment and reflect on what activities you love participating in during your leisure time. Choosing your trip by experience allows you to explore the destination you want while immersing yourself in the subjects you love most. Take the reins of your holiday and make your own decision about how you prefer to spend your vacation in Spain.

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  • I Play

    Enjoy your favorite sports from a new perspective as you discover Spain! Playing a game of soccer in one of the most important stadiums in the world, participating in a race with antique sailboats, and attending the best matches of the Spanish League in a VIP area will no longer be just a dream.

  • I Discover

    How do you prefer to experience Spain? Vibrant and modern cities or small villages full of tradition awaits you here. Spain offers an endless variety of cultural events, marvelous routes, ancient taverns, sophisticated restaurants, exclusive shops and more. I live Spain invites you to discover the Spanish essence!

  • I Feel

    Tradition and folklore are two very important concepts for Spanish people as each region is unique and has deep seeded sentiments. We want you to be part of these customs and experience them from exclusive spots. Put your senses on alert and behold all that I Live Spain offers!

  • I Taste

    Taste the flavors of Spain through unparalleled chefs as well as more traditional products. Shopping with a world-renowned chef, embarking on a traditional Atunero (Fishing boat), tasting the finest wines and oils in the top spots, or discovering outstanding dining spots in each city are a few of the options I Live Spain has to offer. Enjoy one of our gourmet food tours.

  • I Fiesta

    Spain is also known for its festivals and nightlife. Led by I Live Spain, you are able to attend the hottest parties in the most exclusive way. Dance to the rhythm of Ibiza at a private session with one of the best DJs in the world, mingle among the colorful “farolillos” and traditional flamenco dress in a private caseta at the Feria de Abril in Sevilla or watch the Running of the Bulls from an exclusive balcony while enjoying delicious breakfast.

  • I Navigate

    Fancy sailing the Mediterranean Sea in search of coves, organized evenings on a luxury yacht or having dinner on board the boat of Salvador Dalí? I Live Spain invites you to enjoy luxury holidays aboard our yachts and sailboats. Layback and take in the splendor on one of our Mediterranean tours.