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Living Granada from a Cave House

Hidden Treasures 10/10/18

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. There’s no doubt about this. Moreover, there are different ways of staying and enjoying this amazing multicultural city, where you will find Jewish … read more

Enjoy Almeria’s Beach in a club

Hidden Treasures 10/03/18

Summer has come to its end and, little by little, our shore with its magnificent beaches is getting lonely. It is always sad to start routine again, but for next year, you could … read more

Live Game of Thrones in Spain!

Dragonstone, Dorne, Meereen, the Dothraki sea… If you are used to following HBO’s Game of Thrones (GOT), I bet you are able to recognize these names. But you don’t probably know that some … read more

Honeymoon Ideas in Spain

Travel Tips 08/05/18

We always talk about adventure, luxury and historic places to visit, but did you know that Spain has some neat places to go for your HONEYMOON?  I bet you don’t! Here we are … read more

Learning about the Running of the Bulls with Miguel Zabalza

We are less than two months away from the beginning of our beloved Running of the Bulls festival, and it is impossible not to talk about it especially when we have the amazing … read more

The most amazing Unesco World Heritage sites to visit in Spain

Fashion & Art 04/26/18

Our beloved country Spain has the third place holding the world heritage sites by UNESCO. The list recognizes not only places important for the culture, but also natural places. Given the expansion of … read more

Cultural Dinner in Barcelona

Finally!! The weather is warming up and we are ready for unique and outstanding activities around Barcelona. There are many ways to finish a night in Barcelona, but if you are looking for … read more

The most beautiful Andalusia Villages

Travel Tips 04/11/18

The beautiful Andalucía, well known for the flamenco, the dresses, the elegance of its people and the gipsy atmosphere found in its cities has also a very unique way of architecture. Thanks to … read more

Day Tours from Pamplona during The Running of the Bulls

Hidden Treasures 04/06/18

Everything around this time of the year revolves around Pamplona and you know perfectly why, the running of the bulls festival is close to be here, Yes, July 6th, is the desired date … read more

Responsible Travel: Sustainable Hotels in Spain

Travel Tips 03/09/18

Tourism is one of the most important Industries in the world and there are many cities where the major source of income is tourism. Is not a secret all the problems that can … read more

Spain, Best Place for Outdoor Activities

Looking to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone? You might not know that the beautiful country of Spain is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and outdoors seekers, so if … read more

Dates of The Running of the Bulls Festival 2018

The Running of the Bulls festival is one of the most important events in Spain through the year because it brings thousands of travelers from all the places of the world. Many of … read more

Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain

Peeps the year is almost over and we are wondering if all of you already chose a place to spend New Year’s Eve, so before you make a decision we want to make … read more