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Spain with Kids

So many people think that going to Spain is hard if they have kids, and most of them postpone their dreamed trip because everything they hear about coming to Spain is about food, … read more

A Day in Priorat with Valentí Llagostera

The Priorat is a unique area of Catalonia with a very unique characteristics that makes it perfect for viticulture. There is evidence of wine production in this area in the century 12 and … read more

Dining with Stars at The Basque Country

At this point we all know that is almost impossible to talk about Spain without mentioning food. There is no doubt that the gastronomy of this beautiful country has escalated into the world … read more

Unique Basque Country

The Basque country is not like the rest of Spain. This region located at the North of Spain,  has its own language, it own gastronomy and a totally different landscape. There is a … read more

Castle Hunting in Spain

Hidden Treasures 06/13/17

At this point most of you already know most of the unique qualities Spain has to offer to its tourist, but one of the coolest things about Spain is the magic it has. … read more

Dates of the Running of The bulls 2017• Saint Fermin Festival in Pamplona

The Running of the Bulls festival is about to begin! We are only 7 weeks away from the famous Spanish festival, and If you don’t have your trip organized and you do not … read more

Excursions from Madrid

Hidden Treasures 05/16/17

Are you wondering what other places you can visit next time you are in the majestic capital of Spain? Of course Madrid is one of the most charming cities of Spain, and is … read more

Costa del Sol, the Golf Coast

Andalusia, the south of Spain, is a region with beautiful places to visit and a wide range of activities to do. In this region there is a portion of the coast known as … read more

Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Travel Tips 04/13/17

Barcelona, the most visited Spanish city, is well known around the world for having a unique cultural heritage. There are few places in the world where you can find the type of luxury … read more


Hidden Treasures 04/02/17

Ibiza is well known for being an incredible place to party. The white island is a must if you like music and want to watch the best DJs in action. Many travelers have … read more

The Chupinazo – Opening Ceremony, Viva San Fermín!

Being only 3 months away from The Running of the Bulls Festival, makes us feel really excited, and we are sure many of you are already wondering the details of the fiesta. For … read more

Finding fresh air, culture and peace at Montserrat Mountain

Hidden Treasures 03/27/17

Barcelona is a fantastic city full of life and movement. Enjoy a few days in this cosmopolitan town is a must if you are visiting Spain, but if you are going to spend … read more

10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony

10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony

The Encierro is the most important event of the Running of the Bulls Festival and surely one of the best known events worldwide. Many people travel to Pamplona with the idea of running … read more