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Bull Run Balconies

Are you looking for the best Balcony Spots to watch The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona?

I Live Spain counts with the best balconies to watch El Encierro (bull run) during the Running of the Bulls Festival.

Join us from July 7th to 14th, and have breakfast in our balconies located along the most famous streets of bulls route (Santo Domingo, Mercaderes or Estafeta), while you watching the most dangerous and amazing event of the Saint Fermín Festival in Pamplona.

Contact us and let us help you to choose the most appropiate balcony for you. We have different options for large groups, couples and solo travelers who are looking for an authentic experience during The Running of the Bulls.

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Bull Run Balcony Level 1


Location: Santo Domingo Street • Pamplona

A Balcony located in one of the most dangerous part of the Bulls Route. From here you will se some of the most expert runners, and will hear the runners singing the pray to Saint Fermin in Pamplona.

Bull Run Balcony Level 2


Location: Mercaderes Street • Pamplona

Short but a very intense stretch. Our balconies has back entrance, perfect if you don’t want to be inside the bulls route with the crowd and very convenient if you are traveling with kids.

Bull Run Balcony Level 2


Location: Estafeta Street • Pamplona

A selection of balconies with incredible views to watch the bulls running by the most famous and the longest street of the Pamplona’s Bulls Route.

Bull Run Balcony Estafeta Level 1


Location: Estafeta Street • Pamplona

Our balconies set along the Estafeta street, are the ideal place to enjoy the most important event of The Running of the Bulls Festival.

Bull Run Balcony Level 4


Location: Estafeta Street, Pamplona

A Balcony that is hosted by a wonderful host and long views of Estafeta Street.  Counts with a very convenient back entrance by Plaza del Castillo to avoid crowds and to have the best views of the Running of The Bulls.