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Top Brunch Restaurants in Barcelona

Spain is a fantastic place to visit and to enjoy food. Who around the world doesn’t know about paella or Iberic Ham? You all have heard about it, and we know that if … read more

The Most Expensive Spanish Wine

Perhaps you have heard about lots of types of wine. Some of them are unique, absolutely tasty and a privilege which are highly considerate around the world. If you are a wine lover … read more

Best Gastronomic Experiences in Spain

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Spanish Flavors: Paella

Every country has its own typical food which is recognized and famous all over the world. There are places which are known by its gastronomy and the reputation of their meals, so gastronomic … read more

Catalonia, Land of Wines and Cava

Oh, Catalonia, what a wonderful land to visit and to live, what a perfect spot to get lost between the mountains and the sea, and what an amazing land to taste. As you … read more

Galicia, What to Taste?

Galicia… what a beautiful place to visit. And not just to visit but to taste. Gastronomy in this region is one of the most valued among Spaniards because of the richness and flavor … read more

Cultural Dinner in Barcelona

Finally!! The weather is warming up and we are ready for unique and outstanding activities around Barcelona. There are many ways to finish a night in Barcelona, but if you are looking for … read more

A Day in Priorat with Valentí Llagostera

The Priorat is a unique area of Catalonia with a very unique characteristics that makes it perfect for viticulture. There is evidence of wine production in this area in the century 12 and … read more

Dining with Stars at The Basque Country

At this point we all know that is almost impossible to talk about Spain without mentioning food. There is no doubt that the gastronomy of this beautiful country has escalated into the world … read more

Where to eat during The Running of the Bulls

Piquillo peppers, Txistorra, Asparagus, patxaran liquor… Navarra is famous for its excellent cuisine. Throughout the year, Pamplona, the Navarran capital, hosts gastronomic weeks where eating poorly becomes impossible. But, what happens during The … read more

Our Best selection of Spanish Markets

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Best Spanish Cheeses

Top 5 Spanish Cheese

As you well know, Spain has one of the richest world cuisine, so when someone thinks in Spain, imagine delicious Spanish cheeses, tapas, wines, and countless typical dishes. The amazing flavor of them … read more

Delicious Spanish Summer Cocktails

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Luxury Travel Through Spain