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Living Granada from a Cave House

Hidden Treasures 10/10/18

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. There’s no doubt about this. Moreover, there are different ways of staying and enjoying this amazing multicultural city, where you will find Jewish … read more

Enjoy Almeria’s Beach in a club

Hidden Treasures 10/03/18

Summer has come to its end and, little by little, our shore with its magnificent beaches is getting lonely. It is always sad to start routine again, but for next year, you could … read more

Day Tours from Pamplona during The Running of the Bulls

Hidden Treasures 04/06/18

Everything around this time of the year revolves around Pamplona and you know perfectly why, the running of the bulls festival is close to be here, Yes, July 6th, is the desired date … read more

Castle Hunting in Spain

Hidden Treasures 06/13/17

At this point most of you already know most of the unique qualities Spain has to offer to its tourist, but one of the coolest things about Spain is the magic it has. … read more

Excursions from Madrid

Hidden Treasures 05/16/17

Are you wondering what other places you can visit next time you are in the majestic capital of Spain? Of course Madrid is one of the most charming cities of Spain, and is … read more

Image by Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

Live, Love and Relax in Ibiza. the Best Luxury Spanish Trip

Hidden Treasures 04/02/17

Ibiza is well known for being an incredible place to party. The white island is a must if you like music and want to watch the best DJs in action. Many travelers have … read more

Finding fresh air, culture and peace at Montserrat Mountain

Hidden Treasures 03/27/17

Barcelona is a fantastic city full of life and movement. Enjoy a few days in this cosmopolitan town is a must if you are visiting Spain, but if you are going to spend … read more

Our Favorite Luxury Spa in Barcelona

Hidden Treasures 01/26/17

Barcelona, without doubt the most trendy city in Spain. It has wonderful spas located in luxury hotels that offer body treatments and facials with excellent therapists and top brand products. Spas perfect for … read more

“Cadaques, the Most Beautiful Village of the Word” according to Salvador Dalí

Hidden Treasures 11/15/16

Last week I traveled to the land of the light, the wind, the sea, the land of the imagination. To a land where it does not matter that the time goes because you … read more

Best Ibiza Beach Clubs

Hidden Treasures 10/31/16

Many people believe that ibiza is simply a crazy party destination, and of course you can find 24hours party in Ibiza if you wish, but also this wonderful Balearic Island could be a … read more

Hammam Baths in Madrid

The Hammam, a hidden gem of Madrid

Hidden Treasures 10/21/15

Is difficult to guess what is hidden behind the walls of this pink building located in one of the oldest squares of Madrid. Hard to imagine the centuries of history and crossing of … read more

A Day Surronded by Bravo Bulls in Spain

Hidden Treasures 03/17/15

Few days ago we traveled to Extremadura to live an unforgettable experience surrounded by nature, animals and much tradition. We had the pleasure of visiting a farm of bravo bulls in Extremadura. An … read more

Sleeping in a Medieval Castle in Spain

Hidden Treasures 11/04/14

If you thought castles were only for princes and princesses, you are sadly mistaken. In Spain, you can feel truly like a king staying in one of its many medieval castles, converted into … read more