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Dining with Stars at The Basque Country

Chef Akelare

At this point we all know that is almost impossible to talk about Spain without mentioning food. There is no doubt that the gastronomy of this beautiful country has escalated into the world rank thanks to the quality and variety of its food.

Many important people in the culinary world have recognized the deliciousness of Spanish food as one of the best food in the world. As an example we have to quote the famous Anthony Bourdain “The single best bite of food I have ever had in my life was in Spain”.

The Michelin guide (The oldest and most important European hotel and restaurant reference guide) have given star to 182 spanish restaurants. Only Barcelona has 32 restaurants with Michelin star, and that is why you have to inform yourself about all this restaurants when visiting Spain. Because most of them offer unique experiences, not only gastronomic but also sensorial experiences, that will make your trip beyond unbelievable.

Sadly, probably you will not have time to go to all of them, so we picked some of our favorite Top Restaurants in the Basque country with 3 Michelin star, to give you a sneak peek of what you will find if you have the pleasure to visit them. We hope you do it very soon!

First we are going to talk about Akelare, wonderful restaurant runned by Chef Pedro Subijana and located in San Sebastián.

Akelarre got its stars in 1978, 1982, and 2007 and today they still having the 3 of them. This place is an authentic gallery of “art” because each plate has a specific and thoughtful design to present best the creativity and complexity of the flavors you are about to taste.

In Akelarre, you can chose what to eat from the menu or have one of the pre fixed menus to taste the most relevant food of Akelare cuisine.

Besides extraordinary food, this Michelin star Restaurant has one of the most outstanding views of the Cantabric Sea what make it the perfect spot for your unforgettable experience in San Sebastian.

Secondly we have chosen Martín Berasategui in Lasarte-Oria.

This restaurant got its name, in honor of his chef, who holds 8 Michelin stars and many other important recognitions in the international culinary world.

The restaurant also was awarded like the best restaurant of the world in 2016 from Trip Advisor and offers one of the most outstanding gastronomic experiences you can have during your luxury trip to Spain.

The Chef, Martin Berasategui, will be in charge of the most delicate details of your visit to his restaurant, taking the time to go to your table and greet you closely.

His clients often describe this place as an incredible sensorial paradise thanks to the mixture of textures, flavors and smells.

The staff could not be better prepared to guide you through the menu and manage you to choose the plates best suits your taste and desires.

Our Last one but not least important choose, is Arzak Restaurant, located in San Sebastian.

Here you will find a family team that work together to go beyond what is already known.

The restaurant’s situation is beautiful, located in a charming house that is over a century of age where father (Juan Mari Arzak) and daughter (Elena Arzak) work together to satisfy their clients, and innovate cuisine.

By the restaurant, they have a work lab with over a thousand of products and ingredients.

The team experiments every day with new flavors, mixtures and textures. They make combinations never made before, and use those findings to refresh the menus. Of course the Basque Country touch has to be present in this well known restaurant.

If you are traveling to Spain, we hope you have the opportunity to visit at least one of this michelin starred restaurants. Just to eat there deserves a visit to the Basque Country, where we promise you a high culinary experience.


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