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Cultural Dinner in Barcelona

Finally!! The weather is warming up and we are ready for unique and outstanding activities around Barcelona.

There are many ways to finish a night in Barcelona, but if you are looking for something special to surprise your partner, or a different activity for your group while you are visiting Barcelona, in this post we want to talk you about some unique dinner options, a wonderful mix of gastronomy, culture and fun in the catalan capital.

We have choose the locations carefully to engage the visitors to specific topics like medicine, astronomy, hypnosis, medieval times, or the Jews culture customs.

Have you imagined having a dinner around stars, in a medieval castle or even in the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia? If you are looking for a truly unique experience, here are some options to inspire you.

Sepharad dinner: this experience is quite unique because our guest are immerse in the Hebrew culture visiting the places where the Hebrews use to live in the middle times in Barcelona.

Our private guide, will stroll Barcelona with you to visit the streets that were occupied for them and finally you will get to know the oldest mosque of Europe. Everything is set to resemble those times; we have music, important buildings, and some neat anecdotes to tell you, so you can relate with their way of living. To finalize the experience, you will enjoy a wonderful and traditional dinner.

Medieval Times dinner: The perfect pick for those who would love to feel like they live in the medieval times when everything was done differently and people didn’t have the technology we have today.

During one evening, you can explore the castle with an expert guide, going to the top of its towers to have a breathtaking views of Barcelona, and learn about the history of the city.

After visiting the castle, you can enjoy a dinner experience in the palace of the duchess of Milan and pretend you are one of her highlighted guest while enjoying the show and the food carefully prepared for the occasion.

The show recreates a typical dinner with guest offered by the duchess in the middle times. Guest will enjoy watching dancers and a fire show that will amaze your senses. This experience is perfect for families with old kids, who likes history and action.

Anyways, If you are looking for a private event, the castle also could be rented to celebrate your party, dinner, wedding or meeting. The patio is beautiful and its main salon is perfect for dinners or conferences.

Dinner with stars: do you like science and astronomy? What if I tell you that you can spend a night out in a observatory?

Not only having the opportunity to know the place inside and walk throw its rooms but also to get to see stars, planets, and constellations in the sky with one of the biggest and oldest telescopes of Europe still in use.. Amazing right? But this is not everything you get to experience while dining with stars because you also have the opportunity to assist to a astronomy related conference and get to talk to the speaker and make some questions.

All this happens after the dinner in a terrace with an unbeatable view of Barcelona at night. The atmosphere is perfect to see the sky, the city and learn more about the world outside our home: The Earth.

Sense dinner: this activity happens in a building that was once used as a the school of surgeons and then as medicine school of Barcelona what gives a enigmatic touch to the activity because the principal idea of this experience is to make guest closer to Barcelona medicine history, and opens up a little bit their minds knowing the bases of the sensory neurosciences with a gastronomic game that will mix illusionism, mentalism, colors, textures smells, and of course flavors. Are you ready for a magical and different night out?






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