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Best Gastronomic Experiences in Spain

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Do you like gastronomy? And do you like traveling? What about mixing both things in one single trip to Spain, one of the countries with the richest and tastiest food in the world? This article is for those who like proper natural food, gathered by traditional means. This week we will tell about some of the most interesting activities you can enjoy when coming to Spain in relation to food. If you want, you can be part of a fishing crew, swim among red tunas or pick saffron in the traditional way. Depending on the time you want to visit Spain, we recommend different kinds of activities for you to discover the taste of the Mediterranean country. Pay attention to this article and know how to live these authentic and exclusive experiences.

If there is something by which Spain highlights all over the world, it is gastronomy and traditions. For centuries, families have devoted to maintain traditions, and gastronomy and the way of producing food is perhaps one the fields that has changed the most because of technological advances. But apart from these developments in the different techniques of obtaining raw materials, some groups of people have decided to remain anchored in past times and still work in the same manner their ancestors used to do years ago. This is what has happened in remote places from the rural parts of Spain, and from I Live Spain we want to offer you the opportunity of discovering these hidden treasures and know how some of the most valued food is obtained.

Saffron is one of these products which is still produced the same way it was centuries ago. La Mancha is the area where the best saffron in the world is obtained and it is elaborated in a traditional and natural way. The price of this spice is really high, reaching more than 3000 USD per kilogram. As said before, it is cultivated in reduced circles, normally by families which have been doing this for years, carrying this tradition to our days, and you can discover this ancient tradition apart from tasting the most recognized saffron in the world.

Similarly to saffron, truffles are other of these products which have a high market price because of the way of obtaining them. The only “machines” to be used when picking this valued element are trained dogs that have to walk the mountain to dig truffles out, as they are hidden underground. For obtaining a decent amount of truffles, it can take for weeks of search, and the hardest part of it is that truffles have to be harvested during winter time. Aragón is the number one producer area in Spain, but other areas as Catalonia or Castellón are also important places in these terms.

We invite you to join a small circle of people who devote themselves to producing these special goods while they do that. Spending some time with them as they produce saffron or collect truffles can turn to be an amazing experience as you enjoy Spanish countryside.

Winter is also the time when olives are gathered, and Spanish olive oil is probably one of the most recognized ones around the world. We think that there is no better way to get to know this “liquid gold” than tasting the best olive oil varieties sitting right under an olive tree in the middle of the field and to know how this amazing oil is elaborated. Don’t miss the chance of tasting the best olive oil in the world.

In case you prefer visiting Spain during a warmer time of the year, there are also a bunch things to do. Obviously, depending on the area you want to visit, there are different activities to do. For example, you can take a bath among tunas in the Mediterranean Sea, which is an amazing experience you can enjoy in Tarragona’s shore. You will be guided through the process and will experience the breathtaking activity surrounded by these fantastic animals.

Apart from that, you can also go fishing Palamós prawns on a boat with professional fishermen and be part of the crew. If you like navigate and love the sea, going on board of a fishing boat is a great chance to get to know how traditional fishermen have been making their lives through centuries.

Finally, we also have to mention two of the richest products produced in Spain: wine and cheese. In the case of wine, you have the chance of participate in the harvest and know how wine is made in prestigious cellars, apart from trying excellent drinks. These cellars are located in the denominations of origin of Rioja, Navarra and Priorat, in the north of the country.

Cheese is also a famous product of Spain, and the making process of this classic product is a must to see if you are traveling the country. In the island of Menorca and in the Basque Country you can visit family cheese factories to know how they make some of the best cheese worldwide. to finish a formidable visit you can taste the products in a spectacular landscape surrounded by nature and animals.

From our side, we want to make you part of some of the oldest traditions which are still present in Spanish gastronomy that make amazing and tasty products that are worldly recognized. We think that there is no better way to get to know these products than witnessing the process by yourself in an exclusive opportunity as well as trying these delights. So, if you like gourmet food and want to know how this food is produced, Spain is one of the best destinations for you. Let us know what you want experience and we will dispose everything ready for you.

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