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Galicia, What to Taste?

Galicia… what a beautiful place to visit. And not just to visit but to taste. Gastronomy in this region is one of the most valued among Spaniards because of the richness and flavor of its meals. Every gastronomic tour must include Galicia to fulfill the appetite of the travelers and it must be included for you as well. As you may know, this Spanish region is protagonist for one of the most well-known pilgrimages in the world, with its final part driving thousands of pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. Every year, thousands of people make their path through several regions of Spain, but the most recognized one is Galicia, where pilgrims can find a spectacular colophon to their trip by visiting Santiago’s monumental cathedral. Culture and food come hand by hand in this area, so we will show you the most tasty meals to try in case you want to experience the amazing region that is Galicia. Of course, if you are thinking on doing the Camino de Santiago (the way of saint James) and spend a few days there.
Fish, shellfish, meat and wine come together to offer you an incredible gastronomic experience in one single region. We will point out what you cannot miss when traveling to this wonderful region of Spain.
1.Galician octopus: if you start thinking on Galician meals, the first on to come up must be the octopus. The way it is prepared makes it tasty, healthy and light. It is made in large casseroles with olive oil, paprika and salt.
2.Shellfish: cannot be left apart when visiting Galicia’s shore. This kind of mollusk is essential if you think on Galician food. This also makes direct connection with white wine, which is the perfect accompaniment for this food. Enjoying them together with the typical Albariño wine from the area will make you think you are in heaven.
3.Roasted beef on “tartera”: Galician veal has been declared to be one of the most delicious and tasty meats around the world. It is slowly cooked until the meat breaks down inside your mouth in an explosion of flavor. Thais meal is typical from the area of Vigo.
4.Fried “peixiños”: these are little fishes of different species that are normally accompanied by peppers. As the previous meal, this is also typical from the shore of Vigo. This meal is perfect if you are enjoying Galician shore and should be enjoyed together with a white wine.
5.Queimada: this spirit drink is the one with more tradition in Galician cuisine and it is also surrounded by mystery. It was said to be prepared by witches in ancient times when they made their rituals.
Nowadays, every celebration in Galicia ends with the elaboration of this drink and with the recitation of some verses in Galician language. It is prepared with grape marc or liquor, coffee grains, lemon peel and sugar. Once the different ingredients are properly blended, the drink is set on fire for alcohol to be burnt. It is delicious!
6.Fish “caldeirada”: this is one of the most famous “spoon” meals from Galicia. This recipe must be slowly cooked, where any kind of fish can be used and different ingredients and spices as onion, potatoes, peas, garlic, laurel, chili and paprika must be added. Moreover, a quality olive oil is necessary to make this meal a tasty one for rainy and cold days.
7.Galician stew: this is other of the stars of the show. Galician stew is the most recommended for those who love meat and need some energy for visiting the area. It is made with pig meat as chorizo, bacon, tail, nose, ear and ribs. Some good vegetables are essential to complete this famous Galician recipe.
8.Clam and octopus casserole: this sea meal comes from the combination of two of the most recognized ingredients in Galician gastronomy. Moreover, it has to be in combination with garlic, potato, paprika and onions to be able to elaborate this tasty meal.
9.Galician barnacles: incredibly appreciated all over Spain, barnacles have been traditionally grown in Galicia. Every single year, as New Year’s eve is getting closer and closer, the price of this animal gets higher as they are extremely valued. You cannot leave Galicia without trying them. They are absolutely tasty!
10.Santiago’s cake: sweets and deserts must also have to be included in this list of gastronomic recommendations, so this typical cake will delight your senses. It is elaborated with almonds, eggs, sugar and butter, and it is the perfect end to a tasty lunch or dinner. You can find these cakes all around the region.
Now, it is time to taste this amazing part of Spain. Take a look to it’s beautiful landscapes and fall in love with its food. This region deserves a trip by itself because of its ancient cities and culture, and we are sure you will be amazed by its astonishing buildings and routes that will take you to a world that will leave you with no words. If you consider yourself a foodie, you cannot waste this opportunity. By joining us, you will be able not only to taste incredibly delicious meals but also to visit the most recognized cellars all over Galicia. Moreover, you will be in touch with food as a chef will take you to the most important markets to explain how the different ingredients are blended to elaborate meals. As you have seen through this text, fish and shellfish are the great protagonists of Galician cuisine, and you will know by first hand how fishermen catch them and you will be part of an exclusive mussels tasting to try out the best and freshest ones in the region. In addition, as tradition will not be left apart, you will also be able to be part of a traditional queimada to be witness of the charm that Galicia has.
So, think no more and let us know your plan for traveling to Spain. Galicia is highly recommended if you want to watch a piece of history and taste some of the greatest meals that are elaborated in Spain. We are really looking forward for you to join us in discovering this mythical and mysterious land and its valued food and traditions.
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