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Our Best selection of Spanish Markets

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Each time we visit Spain we love strolling the historic center to discover facades of historic buildings, make a stop for tapas, buy handmade products in traditional stores, and of course visit their plazas and markets. Where, for centuries the citizens flocked to buy the freshest products to cook the best Spanish cuisine.

Every day, More and more people visit these markets during its travels around Spain, because besides discover a unique place, they can purchase quality products, many of them you can taste quality products in their stalls, eating gourmet dishes in its bars or buy your own live seafood and take it to get it cook in the restaurant of the market.

Today we would like to speak of our favorite markets, where we encourage you to lose yourself and discover a world gastronómmico unsurpassed.

Mercado de Abastos – Market of Santiago de Compostela: Experience, culture and gastronomy framed in a historic and unique architectural environment. Here you can walk, taste and find the best merchants and craftsmen, experts in each of their specialties.

When you reach this market, you will understand why it is one of the major attractions of the city. This quaint historic monument, is full of life.

Probably the Market of Santiago, is one of the markets where you will find the best Seafood in the world, plus Galician products, synonymous of quality, like potatoes, artisan cheeses, Padron peppers, meats and liquors.

If you are going to visit Santiago‘s market, we recommend you do it during lunchtime. There, as you stroll through your stalls, you can stop to try the famous Feira octopus paried with a good glass of Albariño wine. And then visit the seafood stalls where you can buy these delicacies from the sea and bring them to market bar where they will cook it for you at the time.

If you like the plan, we recommend to ask in the bar before to buy the seafood.

Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid: This famous market, is in the area of greatest personality of the city and best commercial, cultural and leisure activities. It is located a few meters from the Plaza Mayor, and undoubtedly, is a delight for the senses.

San Miguel’s Market, is the only market built in iron that has survived to this day and its numerous stalls, offer visitors the chance to taste delicacies such as oysters, sea urchins, ham, cheeses, wines, olives, croquets, etc.

One of our favorite places? Daniel Sorlut Oysters Bar, a small stand of live oysters that, accompanied by a good white wine or Cava (Spanish Champagne) is the perfect appetizer that precedes the large meal at one of the renowned restaurants in Madrid.

La Boqueria Market in Barcelona: Known as one of the best markets in Spain, and still the most popular market in Barcelona, La Boqueria is a “must” during your visit to Barcelona.

This authentic and crowded popular market is visited daily by thousands of people, locals, travelers and chefs who seek beauty in gastronomy. Its unbeatable location in La Rambla, near the Gran Teatro del Liceo, makes visiting La Boqueria is part of the best routes in Barcelona.

Be lost in its little shops is delightful, the amazing presentation of their stalls invites to taste their fruit, sweets, meats, etc.

At La Boqueria, you can find almost any food used in Spanish cuisine. Mushrooms, saffron, vegetables, fish, meat, snails, etc. which is why great Chef s, go shopping at the market stalls to offer the best selection of fresh produce in their restaurants.

If besides to test the different options offered every stop, you want to taste more elaborate traditional dishes, a good option is to eat tapas at El Quim, a busy bar you’ll find in La Boqueria.

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