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The Most Expensive Spanish Wine

Perhaps you have heard about lots of types of wine. Some of them are unique, absolutely tasty and a privilege which are highly considerate around the world. If you are a wine lover looking for the most exclusive one, in Spain you can find a very particular wine brand. This week we want to talk to you about one of the most expensive wine in the world, and yes, that wine is produced in Spain, and more concretely in the town of Pedroñeras, in Cuenca. Every bottle is sold for around 25,000€, and this wine hides a secret. Do you want to know what it is?

Hilario García, a former high businessman, is the owner of one of the most special wine cellars all around the world: AurumRed. Every year this man, who is the only owner and producer of this special wine, makes just 300 bottles, from which just the half are to be sold. People from every part of the globe are looking forward to taste this wine that has certain peculiarities. Do you want to know what makes this wine so special?
In Las Pedroñeras, a little town in Cuenca, Hilario decided to set a vineyard that would be an amazing innovation in the field of wine-making. The special techniques he uses consist of treating the vineyards and the wine itself with ozone. By 2009, when he started this project, no one had thought about using ozone to create wine, and still no one knows how to do that apart from Hilario.

The story of AurumRed is a singular one. When Hilario had a major health problem, he decided to be treated with ozone techniques, which were kind of a novelty back in 2004. As the results of his treatment were excellent, he thought on investigating the properties of ozone in his laboratories. So, putting together his experiences with ozone and his passion for wine, the results brought AurumRed to life. To do that, Hilario chose to set his cellar in the town of Las Pedroñeras, where he found that the mixture of grounds and the type of vine grown there suited perfectly to his likes. Do you want to know how AurumRed is made?

Well, the process of making AurumRed with the use of ozone implies that every single step involves the use of this gas, even in the water care. Moreover, vines are cut back with extreme care for strain not to be damaged. Perfection relies on details, and Hilario is on charge of every one of them by himself. Even the cellar is disinfected with this gas. The result of this meticulous procedure is a wine of a particular flavor that can be open for more than 10 years without souring, retaining the whole flavor and properties exactly the same as freshly open. Nothing seen to the day in any other wine in the world.

Don’t you think that it’s curious that one single man can produce a top quality and amazing wine just by himself? Now, you know a bit more of this particular ozone-treated wine which is made in Spain. If you want to taste the most expensive wine in the world, or want to know more about this wine and visit this unique cellar, contact us. Don’t miss the chance to get to know the most expensive wine of Spain!

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