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Top Restaurants to eat Paella in Barcelona

One of the most popular dishes in Spain is Paella, a delicious, traditional dish that was formerly attributed to meals of the working class. It consisted of blending the local produce they had available including rice, meat, olive oil and, in the costal area, sometimes added fish or other seafood.

Today, eating Paella has become a “must” if you visit Spain, but, before you do, you should know the places suitable for it, as you will not find good Paella in all regions.

Although its origin is Valencian, there are other cities where you can find exquisite rice dishes. Some of our favorite places / restaurant are Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Where to Eat the Best Paella in Barcelona

In this post, we will advise you as to where you should go if you wish to dine on excellent Paella in Barcelona.

Can Majo Restaurant:
Sitting on the terrace of this restaurant in the evening is a delight. This family business serves one of the top Rice with Lobster dishes in Barcelona that, paired with a good white wine, is definitely one of the best dishes of the Spanish cuisine.

Can Solé:
Founded in 1903, Can Solé restaurant is one of the essential culinary establishments in the city. Quality product, good service and a traditional sailor atmosphere are the perfect combination to enjoy eating Paella in Barcelona.

If you prefer traditional Paella, Elche is without question the restaurant you are looking for. This location opened in 1959 and was the first restaurant in Barcelona to serve Paella. Placed in the area of Parallel and Managed by its Valencian owner, here you will taste the most authentic Paella in Barcelona.

This traditional Catalan restaurant is located in the fisherman’s port, a few meters from the beach and the old town of Barcelona. Besides Paella and other rice dishes, seafood is fantastic here. Some of the most recommended dishes include Carpaccio of Cod, Foie and Tallarinas (small clams).

Xiringuito Escriba:
In addition to being a great place to enjoy the beach in Barcelona, ​​L’Escribá is a modern restaurant where Paella and other rice dishes are the stars. Personally, I suggest you try the Arroz Negro (black rice) with Green Aioli, served in a large Paella pan with wooden spoons where you can enjoy the dish as was traditionally intended.

Como to Barcelona and taste the Best Paella!

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