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Catalonia, Land of Wines and Cava

Oh, Catalonia, what a wonderful land to visit and to live, what a perfect spot to get lost between the mountains and the sea, and what an amazing land to taste. As you can infer from the title, this week we are going to talk about gastronomy, and more concretely about wine. Spain is considered to be one of the countries with the best wine production, and its wines from the different regions of the country are highly valued all around the world. Rioja, Ribera del Duero or La Mancha are just a few of the 70 different Protected Denominations of Origin in the whole country, but today we are going to focus on the magnificent wines produced in the area of Catalonia and the original proposals we have for you in order to discover them. If you like wine, what could be better than visiting this astonishing region and discovering some of the best wines on Earth?

As one of the top tourist destinations in Spain is Barcelona, we cannot leave apart the important tradition of wine-making this area has. Through the whole region of Catalonia, there are several important cellars including 12 different D.O. (Denominations of Origin), which are Penedès, Terra Alta, Catalunya, Tarragona, Conca de Barberá, Costers del Segre, Empordà, Montsant, Priorat, Alella and Pla de Bages. Apart from these, there is also a cava Denomination of Origin, which is a sparkling white wine similar to the French champagne. So, this is an amazing opportunity for you to try these tasty drinks while visiting Barcelona and traveling through the hidden treasures of Catalonia. From Barcelona, you don’t have to travel far as these places can be reached in less than two hours. it is quite easy to get to the most important wine cellars, where you will be able to enjoy a private tour and get to know the traditional process of wine making.

Well, firstly we will deal with the way you will be able to visit and trying Catalan wines. It is not only a matter of tasting the drinks but living the whole experience. Some of the most important and exclusive cellars are located in amazing spots such as castles, underground cellars and even modernist houses. Furthermore, you will have the chance of being accompanied by a private guide who is an expert sommelier or even the winemaker and owner of the cellar who will explain to you the entire elaboration process of these highly appreciated wines. We will design private wine tastings for you to discover Catalan wines in a more familiar atmosphere and to feel the most comfortable possible. In case you are a wine enthusiast or expert, we can also set more technical tastings with absolute experts on the matter of enology. We are prepared to satisfy any kind of demand. Additionally, we offer you the possibility of riding segways or even a mehari through the huge vineyards in case you want to have some fun. If relax is your choice, we offer you an exclusive lunch among the vines together with a yoga lesson in our yoga retreats. We can cover everything just for you.

Once you know the different possibilities you have, it’s time to focus on some of the most recognized wine producing areas of Catalonia that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. The main feature of its wines is the land where vineyards are settled, which is a rich land that gives the grapes an intense color and flavor for the production of all kinds of wine.
One of the closest and easiest vineyards for you to visit are the ones from the Alella D.O. These yards are really near to Barcelona and cellars in this zone produce high quality white and red wines. They are located right by the Mediterranean Sea and the cellar’s set are ideal to enjoy mountains and sea at the very same time. In the the area of Barcelona we can also find the Pla de Bages D.O., which offers you a fresh type of wine with tasty flavor. In addition, cava is also present in this are though the Penedes D.O. There, the best cava of the world is produced, which is worldwide famous. This area is also perfect for you to stay in the five-star hotel Mastinell, which is an exclusive hotel offering the visit to its cellars as well.
The area of Tarragona hosts some of the best cellars in Catalonia. Red wine is the main protagonist of the Priorat D.O, a place where we can find one of the most exclusive Catalan wines, Alvaro Palacios, L’Ermita, graced with 100 points by Robert Parker., Priorat produces wines with intense flavor and color, similar in these terms to the ones produced in the Montsant D.O. The volcanic origins of this land are the key factor for these characteristic wines. This region also counts with the Conca de Barberá D.O., specialized in the production of light white wine, as well as the Tarragona D.O. Finally, Terra Alta D.O. Is the last one from Tarragona. Its wines are intense and count with a high alcoholic gradation.
In the province of Girona we have to highlight wines from the Empordà Denomination of Origin. This area is a highly valued natural atmosphere between the mountains and the sea. There, all kind of wines are produced. Lleida hosts the Costes del Segre Denomination of Origin, which highlights by its wine type diversity. This is due to the different areas where the cellars are located.
Finally, there is a special Denomination of Origin set up for small producers to sell their wine. It includes cellars across the whole region of Catalunya, from which it takes its name.

As you can see, Catalonia has a wide variety of wine that is perfect to enjoy a wine tour as you visit this fantastic land. Besides, this region is the biggest producer of cava not only in Spain but in the world. In fact, around 75% of wine produced in Catalunya is directly exported to the international market.

By joining us, you will discover the charm of small but exclusive cellars that make some of the most recognized and full-bodied brands and you will visit privileged settings that will be the magnificent complement to your visit to Catalonia as well as trying some of the most tasty wines and cavas in the world. Due to the current importance of enoturism, we have thought that you would like to discover these amazing spots. Our selection of cellars will astound you. If you are a wine lover and like being in touch with nature this could be a perfect getaway.

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