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Running of the Bulls • Mercaderes

If you are planing a trip to Pamplona during the Running of the bulls and are you looking for a balcony spot with great views, and back entrance, this is your place.

Every morning, from July 7th to 14th, our team will be happy to assist you during El Encierro in our balcony to show you this amazing and exciting tradition.

Our balconies set above one of the police lines of the Running of the Bulls route, are a formidable place to enjoy the most important event of Saint Fermin Festival.


Our balconies have been selected to guarantee an excellent experience ensuring that all our guests

enjoy a wonderful view of The Running, always from the front row.


At the end of Mercaderes stretch is where you can find the most famous point of The Running of the Bulls, Dead Man’s Corner. A very dangerous section of the bulls run because bulls and runners should fell down in this curve.

Our level 2 balconies, are perfect for travelers who are looking for a nice and intimate balcony with back entrance and elevator, very convenient for families traveling with kids.

NOTE: Your balcony spot will be available at 7am on the selected date. Note that the police closed the streets of the running of the bulls at 7am, so you must be in the balcony door at 6:45 am, where one of our representatives will be waiting.


Balcony Spot at the zone and level you choose to watch the Running of The bulls.


Local Expert in your balcony

NOTE: Tour prices are in Euros / per person based on a shared balcony. Private balcony options available, upon request.

Kids under 5 years old can be in our balcony free. Please contact us to make reservations for family with kids or get special rates for groups info@i-live-spain.com and enjoy the run of the bulls.


Travel Insurance is not included. We recommend you to purchase a travel insurance to cover potential losses, cancellations, etc.




Pamplona • Mercaderes Street

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