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Pamplona Bullfight Tickets

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Luxury Travel Through Spain > Running of the Bulls Festival > Running of the Bulls • Bullfight Tickets

Tendido Shade Rejones


Location: July 6th • Pamplona

Attend one of the most authentic bullfights, where the bullfighter, mounted on horseback, will make beautiful maneuvers to get rid of the bull’s horns.

Tendido Shade Regular Bullfighting


Location: July 7-14th • Pamplona

Great bullfight tickets to watch a bullfight surronded by local “aficionados”. This section is the best one to enjoy a fight for the very first time.

Andanada Shade Regular Bullfighting


Location: July 7th-14th • Pamplona

If you prefer to have an aereal perspective of Pamplona Bullring this is a good option. Take your merienda (spanish snack) and enjoy a bullfight evening.

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