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Discovering Medieval Villages of Catalonia by E-Bike

For this week, we would like to propose you an original way to have an excellent day as you behold incredible landscapes and antique Medieval villages. We are talking about discovering some of the most astonishing medieval spots in Spain by riding an electric bike. This is an authentic experience to enjoy with your family or your partner by getting lost in the area of Girona and witness how time doesn’t seem to have gone by in these charming Medieval villages.

First of all, there is no better way of explaining this experience than telling you ours. As you know, before to offer an experience in Spain, we test it personally to be sure we offer the optimum quality and service. As we were in Barcelona, we decided to take a ride through nature and make the most of the last sunny days of the season. These villages are located in the beautiful area of the Baix Empordà. Once we got there, we were astonished by the landscapes because we could almost see the shore from the mountains we were on and bikes were ready for us to start our tour. If you haven’t tried the experience of making a tour on an electric bike, we have to say that it is highly recommended. In our case, we felt how easy it was to ride it and the way the bike helped in case we needed some extra power. Additionally, bikes also help with balance to avoid crashing. From our point of view, best option for this day tour from Barcelona, is to do it privately because you feel absolute freedom and you can stop wherever you want for taking a picture or simply to behold the amazing scenery. The guide we chosen for this private tour is an expert on history and will tell you the secrets of the different Medieval buildings in each village

This private experience will take you to some of the most lovely villages you can find in the region. You could complete this tour in around three hours. Just take into account that the distance to be covered is around 20 miles, so you have plenty of time to do it. Riding these bikes through this setting is ideal for enjoying nature and escape from big cities’ bustle and overcrowding, so this plan is also ideal for couples to spend a romantic day surrounded by history and nature. But not everything could be pedaling our e-bikes. One of our favourites stops was in the village of Peratallada. We were amazed e town and we had a light picnic to recover from the ride.

After that, we carried on with the tour and kept riding our e-bikes through the hills of the Baix Empordà. On our bikes, we crossed a couple of ancient bridges over little streams to get to our next stop, which is nearly halfway to the end of the tour. It was in Pals, a town that will leave you absolutely amazed. It is a bit bigger than Peratallada and our guide showed it in detail. We’re sure you will could not imagine that these kind of places could still exist. With its historical ensemble, Pals absolutely seems to have been stopped in time, as every building is made by stone. Everything was perfectly preserved and it seemed that we had gone back in time to the Middle Ages. There we took a longer break and decided to have lunch to try the typical food of the area.

With our full stomachs and having recharged our batteries, we continued our relaxed ride through Girona’s hills. With half of the tour completed, it was time to go for a coffee at our next stop, Fontanilles. After that, we continued riding to reach Gualta and other small villages, approaching the end of our ride.
As you are visiting the different spots, you realize the history that those places and their amazing buildings have witnessed. There are castles, palaces and churches that date from the 5th century, so realizing their age and witnessing that they are still standing is one of the things that shocked us the most.

To sum up, we would like to recommend you to take this private tour if you enjoy a ride through nature. You can always make it if you are visiting Barcelona as it is really close to the Catalan capital so you can have fun in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. In our opinion, this is a perfect day tour and one of the most original ways of spending a family day or a romantic ride while traveling Spain.

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