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Christmas in Spain: Best Christmas Markets of Madrid

Christmas in Spain: Best Christmas Markets of Madrid Christmas in Spain: Best Christmas Markets of Madrid

Every season of the year has something special, but let’s be honest and admit that Christmas is beyond special.

This season has a blend of gifts, games and lights, The cities looks gorgeous and is the season most kids wait the whole year to get to see the movies of Santa Claus, the Grinch and go to play outside with the snow, but it is also the time of the year where we can gather and share with the people we love and care the most.

Each year, more and more people, decide to take advantage of the holidays season, and plan a family or friends trip to celebrate Christmas in a different way.

The tourism in Spain increased considerably for the last years, and for that reason we would like to share with you some special information about this charming season here.

In this article we chose to talk about Madrid, but soon we will share with you information about other beautiful places to celebrate Christmas in Spain.

No matter when you visit Madrid you will find its beauty everywhere, the architecture, the monuments the parks and the nature of its streets are all worldwide recognized, but if you come in the magic season of Christmas you will fall in love and would not want to go back to your reality.

Madrid has Christmas lights that escort most of the monuments making them to look surreal, is like to be in a fairy tale and that is why we recommend Madrid for families with kids during this season.

Not only the light make Madrid a special destination in Christmas time, you might have heard of the Christmas markets in all Europe.

Madrid markets are not only amazing they are plenty around the city. We made a selection of the best ones, so you have a better idea of which of them to visit during your Christmas trip in Spain.

The most famous is the one in Plaza Mayor and has been there since 19th century.

Here you will find everything related to Christmas like nativity scenes, Christmas decoration, musical instruments and jokes that Spaniards use in their version of April fools that happens on December 28 and It is called Day of the holy innocents.

The market will have some changes this year to make it special to celebrate the 4th centenary of this emblematic square of Madrid, so if you are traveling Spain this Holidays, be sure you don’t miss this Christmas Market when you stop by Madrid.

The Sweet Christmas Fair located in Plaza Isabel II in front of the Royal Theater has only sweet delights from the Christmas season, and is the special place to sweet up your stay in the capital of Spain.

The more typical Christmas sweets are “turrones”, “mazapanes” and “polvorones”, so please don’t go without testing them.

In Plaza de Callao, you will find a huge Christmas tree with the Market that “el Corte ingles” (the main department store in Spain) organizes. Here you can find lights and nativity decorations from this store, but the magic of this market is definitely the place.

Callao is one of the main Squares of Madrid where you see a traditional theater and Gran Via, the emblematic street of Madrid.

There you can top up your experience with a great view of the surroundings from the 9th floor of the Corte Ingles building.

Feria Mercado de Artesanía, located in Plaza de España is the perfect spot to buy your gifts for your loved ones.

There you will find more than 160 artisans who bring their unique products close to you. In this traditional market, you can find handmade toys, leather goods from Spain and even jewelry.

The design market, located in Paseo de la Chopera goes every month, and it is becoming one of the favorites of the youth because brings the latest designs and designers close to the people in a thriving cultural space.

Not mentioning the special atmosphere you will find in this market. Music, food and drinks are the protagonist of the event with the latest designs.

During past years the December event had a special Christmas theme that was a hit and we are guessing this year’s version will be even better. So do not miss it!

The market at Plaza La Remonta is one of the biggest Christmas markets of the city where you can find everything related with Christmas but the plus of this market is that has an ice rink where you can have some fun while shopping. This Market, is an ideal place to enjoy shopping and skating with the whole family.

Last but not less, the market in Plaza de Jacinto Benavente resembles a medieval village in the heart of Madrid. This visit is a truly experience, because you will feel that you travel back in time.

There, you can find typical sweets from the season, Christmas decoration and unique handcrafted accessories to take home from Spain or to give as authentic souvenirs.

Besides the one we mentioned, the magical Spanish capital, Madrid, has many other markets and activities to enjoy Christmas, we encourage to explore them at your own paces, or during a private walking tour, guided by our expert staff, where you will visit the most special markets while you know more about Madrid history, Spanish culture and the tasty christmas sweets.

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