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Costa del Sol, the Golf Coast

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Andalusia, the south of Spain, is a region with beautiful places to visit and a wide range of activities to do.

In this region there is a portion of the coast known as the Costa del Sol (Sun Coast) or Golf Coast and it is one of the most desired destinations in Europe for golf lovers, because Costa del Sol, has a unique topography, a fantastic atmosphere And the perfect weather, especially in the Mediterranean shore.

Andalucía also holds a rich heritage since it has a Roman and Arab past (these are only some of the cultures that occupied the region). But, the most amazing part of having a past like this, is having visage of the constructions that those cultures had in the region.

But Andalucía besides to have a large number of incredible buildings in great conditions from the Roman and Arab periods, also counts with over 70 golf courses, so this mix makes this place so appealing to golf travelers who seek for a perfect destination with mix of luxury, golf and culture.

In Marbella (one of the most luxurious cities of Spain located at Costa del Sol/Golf Coast) you can enjoy a day full of golf in some of the best resorts and golf clubs with the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, because most of the courses are located in the hills of the mountains making of these golf courses unique not only for the view, but also for the golf experience.

This variety of Golf Course options that Costa del Sol offers, give you the opportunity to choose from a wide number of golf course and select the resort that best suits the kind of golf experience you and your golf mates want to have in Spain.

This magical coast of Spain, gives you the chance to mix golf with many cool activities. Do you enjoy nature and the outdoors? The Costa del Sol or Golf Coast has an enormous amount of trails to get lost and discover the best views from the region. You can choose if you prefer to see the sea or the mountains, or why not a mix of them? If you hike here,you will be fascinated no matter what option you pick.

There are also beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean waters; Estepona, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, and Soto Grande are some of the best in the region. Soto Grande is also a perfect choice if you like to play or watch Equestrians sports.

Costa del Sol region, also offers a great opportunity to our History lover travelers, because, as we mentioned before, this is a unique place where different cultures had merged upon time.

You could go to see some sights like the roman theater ruins in Malaga (an hour away from Marbella) and the ancient fortification with it’s Moorish castle built in the 10th century. Can you imagine what it is to walk between walls built 10 centuries ago? No doubt it is an indescriptible experience that you will be happy to live.

About two hours away of Costa del Sol, Granada awaits you, here is where you can appreciate the Alhambra, an Arab palace and fortress complex like no other in the world. It’s architecture talks about the Arabic past of Spain.

Seville, the capital of Andalucía, is a must if you are enjoying some days Costa del Sol, there you will find The Alcazar, another Arabic building from when the Arabs ruled the south of Spain.

If you are looking for luxury, shopping and nightlife, only 20 minutes from Marbella Old Town you find exclusive Puerto Banus where you could navigate on a luxury boat and cross Gibraltar stretch while enjoying some delicious tapas and wine. Go shopping at the most exclusive European designer’s stores located just few meters away from where the piers, or having dinner followed by some exquisite coctails in nice restaurants with beautiful views.

Another great option in Costa del Sol or Golf Coast of Spain, is to attend to golf tournaments, because the region offers great golf tours and championships. An excellent opportunity to watch some of the best golf players in action.

Now that you know more about golf in Spain, let us know how we can help you enjoy the exclusive golf trip you have in mind, and we will make it happen!

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