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Live Game of Thrones in Spain!

Dragonstone, Dorne, Meereen, the Dothraki sea… If you are used to following HBO’s Game of Thrones (GOT), I bet you are able to recognize these names. But you don’t probably know that some scenes that take place in these astonishing locations were filmed in Spain. So, if you consider yourself a No.1 fan of Game of Thrones, you will be willing to stand where Daenerys or Tyrion did in the series, and we will take you there!

For example, Andalusia was one of the main Spanish regions chosen to locate Game of Thrones’ action. Seville’s Real Alcazar and its fabulous gardens were the perfect background to the story of House Martell. The Alcazaba of Almeria is other of the remarkable sets used to represent Dorne’s fantastic locations. Moreover, Osuna, a town near Seville, also took part of the show. Its bull ring saw how Daenerys’ Drogon rescued her and her crew from the furious crowd of Meereen. They also appear in Carboneras (Almeria) to face the Slavers and rename their bay as the Bay of Dragons. The Roman Amphitheater of Italica (Seville) also plays an important role in season 7. Finally, the siege of Tyrrell’s headquarters by the Lannister army was recorded in Almodobar del Rio (Cordoba).

The north of Spain was one of the favorite sets for HBO’s hit. The Basque Country and Navarra have unique landscapes which made the producers fall in love. For instance, Dragonstone’s outer spaces for the seventh season have been recorded mostly in Bizkaia and Guipuzkoa, in beautiful wild location as San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Muriola or Zumaia. Las Bardenas Reales, an incredible spot located in the region of Navarra, was chosen as the Dothraki Sea. Catalonia also has an important presence over the series. Girona’s oldest quarters showed us how Arya was trying to runaway from death in Braavos or how King Tommen made the alliance between crown and faith, surprising everyone in place. Some other characters found themselves in this region, as in the case of Samwell Turly, whose return to his family castle was recorded in the Castell of Santa Florentina (Barcelona).

Finally, we cannot forget about Spain’s mid-area. Regions as Guadalajara, Castellón or Cáceres also appear in the production. Landscapes and castles there were used to record battles and important moments during the seventh season. Antique towns in these areas made possible the recreation of King’s Landing and Meereen in a really impressive way. Some of the most important points to visit are Peñíscola (Castellón), Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara) or Cáceres. You won’t be disappointed if you go for a walk around superb landscapes and lovely towns which will take you to older ages and will make you feel as if you were right in the center of the epics of Meereen or Braavos.

So, if you consider yourself a fanatic of Game of Thrones and you are thinking about travelling to Spain, we will be pleased to help you planning and customizing your trip for enjoying the best accommodations and the delicious Spanish gastronomy as you are discovering the main recording locations of HBO’s hit. As you probably know, Spain is widely known for its rich culture and gastronomy.

Moreover, the places where Game of Thrones was recorded are extremely recognized among spaniards because of the quality of its food. Every single place mentioned above has its typical meals which are a delicacy, so you will want to make the most of your trip and try the finest food in Spain.

Culturally speaking, you will have the opportunity of visiting impressive castles and bridges, shaped by the passage of centuries and different cultures through Spain. Romans, Muslims, Jews and a bunch of different peoples left their mark all around the Iberian Peninsula.

For that purpose, you will be able to stay in a luxurious hotel right beneath the stars at the Bardenas Reales desert and take a BTT ride or drive a 4×4 through this spectacular desert where a chained Danaerys was taken to the Khalasaar by the Dothrakis. You may also prefer to take a walk to the beautiful hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatze through a narrow breathtaking stone path which inspired David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to set Dragonstone’s entrance. We also offer you the possibility of taking a light aircraft to fly the Basque Country coast to see first hand the beaches where Danearys arrived to Westeros. These are just some exclusive activities that we can offer and design for you during your trip to Spain.

Don’t think longer about this and set yourself for an exclusive journey that will be remembered forever. Feeling like a king or queen is something that cannot be done every day. We are really looking forward for you to join us in this incredible trip to the mythical Westeros and Game of Thrones universe.

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