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Live Nativity Scene of Corbera

The live nativity scene of Corbera is one of the more traditional events of Christmas in Catalonia.

Since 1962, around this time (from first weekend of December until second Sunday of January), 238 volunteer actors, all of them inhabitants of the small town of Corbera, come together to create a fascinating show, where young and old people stroll over circuit of more than 700m, placed in the natural setting of the Penya del Corb. A unique area of over 14,000 square meters in the middle of nature, where you can watch a total of 15 Christmas scenes.

Each year, thousands of visitors, mainly locals, come to Corbera to spend an evening with family and friends.

A perfect plan could be to meet for lunch in a nearby catalan country house, to enjoy delicious and traditional dishes, and later stroll through the historic center of Corbera to visit the nativity scene.

Getting there by car and to park is not very easy, so, if you want to attend this Christmas event, please contact us to organize everything related to transportation, tickets, etc. This way, you only will have to worry about have fun.

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