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Pamplona’s Fireworks Contest: The most colorful and noisy event of the Running of the Bulls

For all of you who are coming to Pamplona for The Running of the Bulls 2020, you are lucky. This time, we want you to take a look to the best places to watch the spectacular Pamplona’s fireworks contest which takes place in Pamplona during the Festival. This is an international fireworks contest where artists from all around the world show their best performance in the summer nights of Pamplona. If you are a passionate about fireworks and don’t want to miss this amazing show, stay with us and find how to watch the Pamplona’s Fireworks Contest in a proper way.

Every night during the Running of the Bulls Festival in Pamplona, a 30 minute firework show takes place in the city. The sky gets lightened by thousands of colorful explosions forming amazing shapes and visual effects. This kind of activity has always been present in the Running of the Bulls Festival since 1595, when fireworks started to be included in some of the most important acts of the festivity. In 2000, the Pamplona’s International Firework Festival was created, including a jury and awarding prizes. Among the participants, apart from Spanish competitors, there is presence from all over the world. During these years, companies from France, Canada, Austria, Italy or Bulgaria have taken part in this contest.
Fireworks are deployed in the Citadel Park, one of the most beautiful spots of the city. For the whole week, worldwide recognized artists make their best to win this prestigious contest, which has also become a classic during the Festival. For watching this breathtaking show, there are several possibilities, from watching it sitting on the street, in the middle of a party atmosphere, to a luxury private terrace away from the crowd. 

First of all, the idea of watching it from the street would be the most typical one. Surrounded by thousands of locals and visitors, you will be inside of the purest Festival atmosphere, and you also have some different ways to watch the show.
For example, you can simply sit on the large grass spaces around the Citadel Park and behold the spectacle as close as you want. This place is normally full of people, so we would advise to go with some time in advance for you to get a good place to watch it. You should also carry some kind of towel to sit on to avoid the humidity from the grass. Another perfect city spot to watch the Firework contest is right in front of the bus station. There, you will not only watch the fireworks but more different show on the street and there are wonderful views of the Citadel Park.
Apart from these places, there more parks across the city where you can also sit on the grass and watch the show. You won’t be as close as in the Citadel Park, but it will probably be less crowded and you will be more comfortable. If you go for sitting on the grass, you can make a kind of picnic and have something to eat while the fireworks take place. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to stay away from the crowd and live this amazing experience in a exclusive atmosphere, and also avoiding the summer night cold and humidity from Pamplona, we offer you a chance to be taken. We have been told that the best place to watch Pamplona’s Fireworks Contest contest is from the Citadel Park grass, but what about watching it from an exclusive terrace right over the park? Definitely, this is the best place to stay while fireworks are coloring Pamplona’s night sky. In our terrace you will enjoy a fantastic Navarre Tapas dinner before the show starts. With these exquisite tapas, you will also taste excellent Navarra wines to make the perfect match. The end of the dinner will be marked by delicious desserts and you will be ready to watch the Pamplona’s International Firework Contest. 
Once the Pamplona fireworks are over, it’s time to dance. From 23:30 to 1:00, you can make the most of our interior disco and have the finest cocktails as you dance with the best music by the DJ. This is a unique opportunity for you to live a wonderful night in The Running of the Bulls Festival where you will meet people not only from Pamplona but from every part of the world. It is a perfect warm up for what is to be enjoyed the following days

Either if you like crowded spaces or if you prefer being comfortably over an exclusive terrace, you can choose the one that fits most for you. As you can see, there are multiple choices so you can live and enjoy the prestigious Firework Contest from every perspective. If you are ready to watch Pamplona’s Fireworks Contest in style, Contact us and Let yourself go by this astonishing noise and color show.

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