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10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony

10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony 10 reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony

The Encierro of SanFermin is the most important event of the Running of the Bulls Festival and surely one of the best known events worldwide.

Many people travel to Pamplona with the idea of running and risk their life in front of 6 bravo bulls, but many others, want to be part of the Running of the Bulls without risks, and prefer to see the bull run, instead of running.

As we have said in another article, people who want to watch el Encierro, have three options. Watch the bull run from the barricade, watch the bull run from Pamplona’s Bullring and watch the Running of the Bulls from a balcony.

In this post, we would like to give you our point and tell you why we believe best option is to watch the Running of the Bulls from a balcony.

Here are our reasons to watch the Running of the Bulls from a Balcony:

1. It is the most comfortable way to watch the encierro, because while you are waiting, you have the possibility of having breakfast in the cozy host’s house, you do not need to be waiting on the street if it’s cold and you can access to your balcony as many times as you want to see whats going on below you. Besides, you can use the toilet if you need it.

2. Renting a balcony to watch the Running of the Bulls, is the safest way to watch the bull run. Watch The Encierro from Pamplona’s Bullring or from the barrier is not dangerous but those places are very crowded, and sometimes you can suffer shoving, and if you are on the barrier you can fall down.

3. It is the best option if you are traveling with children or elderly people. Many of our balconies have back entrance, so it will not be necessary to be on the crowded bulls route, before the El Encierro start.

Besides, usually, you should arrive to the place where you are going to wtach Th Running of The Bulls, with much time in advance. For children, it can be difficult because it is too early and can they be tired. If you rent a Balcony, the apartments with we work, are family friendly and have some space for them to take seat and rest.

Children under 5 do not have to pay on our balconies, they should be accompanied by an adult and stay in front of you. But if your child is over 5 years old, he will have his own space and you will not have to worry about crowds or not enough space for him, because all our balconies ensure visibility from the front row.

4. From a balcony you can feel the excitement of the runners. Although Pamplona’s Bullring, is not bad option to watch the Running of the Bulls, from there, you can not live the authenticity of this amazing event. Since from the bullring, you will only watch the end of the route and usually the bulls enter the corral very fast.

Instead, watch The Encierro from a balcony, is the most exciting way to see this event, since although the race is very brief, it is a very intense experience.

In addition, long before the Encierro begins, you will feel the excitement and the nerves of the runners, you will see the important work that the police do to try to minimize the risks of the race, you will see the arrival of the shepherds, etc.

5. You can choose the section you want to see. Most of the bulls route happen between buildings, watch El Encierro at Santo Domingo or Estafeta Street from the barrier is not easy. But if you decide to rent a balcony to watch the bull run, you can choose the section you want to see, and also the level of your balcony. If you contact us we will be happy to help you to find the balcony that best suits your needs.

6. You do not have to worry about being taken off the spot or to have bad visibility because you have someone in front of you. The risk of seeing the bulls from the barrier is that, in an oversight, someone can take your spot, or at the moment the bulls pass, the runners may jump the first barrier and be in front of you. If that happens, you will not see anything .

From our balconies, you will see the Running of the Bulls perfectly, because we never allow more people than the number of each balcony admits, to get amazing views of El Encierro, and ensure a unique experience in Pamplona.

7. Rent a Balcony spot in Pamplona, is best option to take pictures of friends, family or your partner, if they decide to run.

If you are responsible for taking pictures while someone of your party runs with the bulls, the ideal would be to know in which stretch they want to run and rent a balcony on a level 1 or 2 of that section.

You will not be able to assure that you will take the picture of them, super close to the bull, because maybe, for different reasons, the runner will not run right in front of them, but, from your balcony spot, you can have good Photos of the moment they start running, and the previous moments of The Running of the Bulls.

8. You can watch the replay on TV. All our balconies have a living room and TV to watch the replay of El Encierro once the bulls been past under their balcony. These is best way to see the whole route, to know what has happened, if there have been injuries and see the most beautiful runs with the bulls.

9. Renting a balcony in Pamplona, is the most exclusive way to watch the Running of the Bulls. If you wish, balconies can be reserved privately so that only you and your companions have access to it. In addition to privatizing the balconies, it is possible to count on our catering service to enjoy an unforgettable breakfast. The best choice for a romantic breakfast with champagne! Contact us to get more information about this service.

10. Rent a balcony to watch the bull run in Pamplona, It is the best way to mingling with locals and know more about their culture. If you want to live a unique experience in Pamplona, we definitely recommend to spend some hours in our balconies. Our hosts, locals of Pamplona, love to open their homes to travelers who want to know more about this special spanish tradition.


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