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Spain, Best Place for Outdoor Activities

Looking to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone? You might not know that the beautiful country of Spain is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and outdoors seekers, so if that is what you are looking for, get ready to hear about the best outdoors activities to do while visiting Spain.

This country has all kind of activities to enjoy with your friends and family, so is important to mention that thanks to the geography of Spain we can do almost any activity.

For that reason we are going to talk about the ones that are not so mentioned because if you are familiar with our blog, you already know that you can enjoy here the winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, and snow rackets .

Next we are going to divide our favourite outdoor activities in Spain by aquatic activities where you get splashed, or soaked, and dry activities that are the ones do not have water involve.

Aquatic Activities:
Exploring Mallorca Caves
Cliff Jumping in Mallorca and arrive in pounds with the most beautiful clear and pure water of the Balearic islands, or discover the hidden world of this beautiful island going into the underground world of caves. You will need to swim, crawl and stroll to move through the labyrinth that communicates the caves. It is an amazing experience you cannot miss. Believe me!

Pyrenees Jeep Safari
Touring the Pyrenees by 4×4 is also a great option for adventure seekers because you mix here nature, ancient villages and the fuzz of the adrenaline If besides this, you finish the experience with a beautiful picnic in an idyllic landscape, the result will be a unique and memorable experience.

Horse Riding in Menorca
What about having a Horse riding tour in the beaches of Menorca? This activity is out of this world experience for those who like to connect with nature and animals, because many people says that’s there is no better animal that the Menorca’s Horses. They are a very gentle and unique Horse that makes the whole experience surreal.

If you are looking for a day tour, we suggest you a morning ride by the beach, taking a bath into the water with them. But if you are a truly horse fan, and you want to live a once time experience, to spend a week discovering the island by horse and exploring amazing beaches and spots, will be without doubt the activity that you can’t miss.

Kayaking La Costa Brava
The Costa Brava, is located only one our and a half of Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities of Spain. If you are visiting Barcelona, we recommend you to scape for one or 2 days to this beautiful region, to enjoy the calm and beauty of this wild coast and its fisherman villages.

If you are in la Costa Brava, from May to October, we recommend you to enjoy half day exploring the coast by kayak, and finish your excursion with a tasty paella in a cove with limited access by the sea.

Dry Activities
Camino de Santiago, Buen Camino!
The most famous path in Spain is Camino de Santiago also Known in English as The Way of Saint James. It was and is still today the oldest and concurred path of the European continent, and It was one of the main Christian pilgrimages during the middle ages with Jerusalem and Rome.

The Legend says the body of Santiago the apostle is buried in Santiago de Compostela some think that they were taken from Jerusalem to Spain by boat. Years later of this being said the king Alfonso II ordered to build a church where the tradition said that the apostle body was buried. This church became one of the biggest points of peregrines and is still today.

You can do the way of Saint james from many different places because there are several official paths that would take you to Santiago de Compostela. but our favourite one is the french way (camino frances), that covers the whole north of Spain.

You have the option to do it by bike, by horse, walking (the most usual) or with a private driver who will take care of you when you are tired of walk and needs to recover while you enjoy Spain by a comfortable and luxurious car.

All kind of travelers love this path because they can find themselves while evoking the antique religious tradition in a more exciting and adventure way.

Also because along the stages they get to know different people, culture, and places. Definitely is a life experience activity that will mark your soul forever.

Aside from this path spain has many other paths to hike, they are with all kind of lengths and difficulty. We recommend you pick first the place you want to see, and then check the options the place has to offer, so you can chose correctly a path that suits your competence.

Wine Experiences
Spain is well known because its wine, is true that you can find good and very affordable wine (quality/price), but also is true that in Spain you can experience the wine as never before.

Wine massages in extraodinary spas, located in luxury hotels, wine tasting followed by a wonderful and traditional lunch in the middle of vineyards, yoga sessions to feel the calm surronded by grapes, beautiful nights to learn more about wine and stargazing with friends, bike tours between vines, or to be a grape collector for a day to know better the whole process of making wine, are some activities you can experience in Spain during your next vacation.

Buggy Tours
Another options is to do Buggy tours in incredible and magical places as Ronda in Andalucia, Lanzarote enjoying the volcanic and strange landscapes of the Canary Island or el Priorat, a catalan region with very unique landscape and great wine.

During your rough’s rides you will be able to see places that other tourist only dream about. Could you imagine a super fun buggy ride followed by a extraordinary lunch in a beautiful abandoned village? Be prepared to be amazed and enjoy the ride!

Cava and Balloon Ride
Hot air balloons are available in most of the important cities of Spain, we love this activities because even though you need your gut the get up there is a more relaxing and thoughtful activity. You can have a glass of cava (spanish sparkling wine) when you are up there and have an exceptional view of the city you are visiting.

Just imagine for a second seeing the city of Seville from the air and talking to your company about how small seems to be the Alcazar from up there. Imagine seeing the unique buildings of Barcelona, all together in one view from a hot air balloon. Do not think more and pick your partner in crime for your next adventure in Spain!

As we say always, this is just a tiny selection, because there is a ton more activities to do in Spain than what we mentioned here.

Some of those outdoors activities are more risky, and some other are more thoughtful and meaningful. There are plenty options for everybody. You just need to tell us what are your preferences and we will design a perfect itinerary for you.

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