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Travel in Spain with Kids

So many people think that going to Spain is hard if they have kids, and most of them postpone their dreamed trip because everything they hear about coming to Spain is about food, party, bulls and soccer.

What if I tell you that there is a enormous amount of activities to do here in Spain with our loved little ones?

Yes! Like always you just have to know where to go and be connected to the right people.

Fortunately you have us to tell you about some plans you can have with your kids in your visit to this beautiful country.

If they love adventure and adrenaline, you should visit Port Aventura World. Only one hour and thirty minutes by car, from the Beautiful Barcelona, and almost two hours by train, you can spend a day or a weekend having fun in its wonderful attraction parks: Port Aventura Park, Ferrari Land, and Port Aventura Caribbean Aquatic Park.

Share a good time with your kids, going on the roller coasters with them and having a boost of energy! The park closed late, and you can enjoy beautiful shows before go and rest in one of the park resorts. We are sure, they will sleep as an angels, because they will be exhausted at the end of the day.

If you are looking for something more cultural, in Barcelona, you will have the chance to introduce your kids to the art world.

Barcelona is well known for being the home of the best work of the Architect Antonio Gaudi, and there, kids can have a special art activity day.

Enjoy with us a fantastic tour to learn about one of it’s Master pieces, the Güell Park, and then, attend to a super fun class where our expert will teach them to make mosaics with the same technique Gaudi used through the years in his buildings, Trencadís. A unique and colorful experience they will not forget, and a beautiful souvenir to bring home.

In the Serrania de Cuenca you can find an enchanted City, great to blow kids imagination while walking in one of the most beautiful natural places of Spain, declared a Natural Site of National Interest on June 11, 1929 by UNESCO.

The activity is basically to walk about 3 kilometers in circle while admiring and learning about the amazing geological phenomenon that created those rocks more than 90 millions of years ago. The kids love to guess the shapes and play with the imagination here. Remember this was covered by water and now we can walk around it.

In the capital of Spain you can have a taste of Spanish food with kids.

During an special walking tour, designed to do it with kids, they have a chance to taste a variety of food specially for them.

This is a great way to initiate them in culinary world, and give them a chance to discover new delicious flavors.

If you are visiting Madrid and you want to spend a relaxing morning in the Park, you shoudn’t miss El Parque El Retiro, the Madrid biggest park, located in the middle of the city, where kids can run and play in the beautiful gardens, rent bikes or even take a boat into the lake.

Remember when we talked about the Golf Coast in the south of Spain?

Well, Malaga does not only belong to this exclusive area of Spain full of beautiful and nicest golf courses.

Málaga also has a lot of leisure places for the little ones like the Mariposarío de Benalmádena is a butterfly home to many species great for all ages because they can learn while they are amazed by Mother Nature.

There is also the Aquarium Sea life de Benalmádena also great for the variety of sea animals they have.

If you are looking for a realy authentic experience in Málaga, we recommend to visit a Bulls Farm, where the youngest of the family will learn about this beautiful spanish animals, how is the life in the farm and why not, they will learn how to move the Capote (Bullfight cape)!

As you already know, every year from July 6th to July 14th, in Pamplona take place the most unique and famous festival worldwide, The San Fermin Festival or The Running of the Bulls.

You would think that The Running of the Bulls is all about bullfights and the encierros, but there is more than this. During the festival there is an special day for kids, and the official program is full of family friendly activities.

Every day in the morning during the festival you can find a group of wood statues that gather in the streets in a parade, and are the perfect plan for the kids. The Giants belong to the Running of the Bulls tradition since so long.

This huge giants, They represents the Kings of Europe, America, Africa and Asia, who dance at the song of the music around the narrow and ancient streets of Pamplona old town.

Besides this statues, the stars of the parade are the Big Heads, who are basically the ones who carry all the fun because they “attack” children with their foam weapons.

Every evening, during the Running of the Bulls festival, there is the Bull Fire for the little ones. It is a fake fireworks bull that seems to be on fire and resembles the running of the bulls for adults so kids also have an encierro (Bull Run) to run in front of the Bull Fire. So much fun guarantied here!

The island is home of one of the best aquatic Parks of Spain, Siam Park.

In this water park you will find many attraction to share in family, but also there, your kids will enjoy the whitest and brighter sand of the whole island, perfect for a relaxing day while the kids build sand castles and play in the beach.

I don’t sound convincing yet? It has the sea lion island which kids love, slides that go through shark tanks, a big wave’s pool and a float market resembling a Thai market where you can buy snacks and souvenirs for your loved ones!

Valencia is home to the Oceanographic which is the biggest aquarium of Europe.

It is represents some of the most important ecosystems of each of the seas and oceans of the planet. Besides, near enough to the Oceanographic you can find the Bioparc, a small zoo which represents the different natural habits of the animals. This zoo is great to teach kids about animals and how they live.
If you are looking for a wonderful family vacation, do not wait to come to Spain with your kids because you think the trip will be too much for them.

We organized the family trip of many families who come and enjoy Spain in all the possible ways, and not only the so mentioned ones. If you are looking for a unique travel experience, Spain is waiting for you, your kids and all the family!

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