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Top Five Spanish Festivals

Top Five Spanish Festivals Top Five Spanish Festivals

Probably one of the most curious things about Spain, is that every town and village celebrates its city festivals in a unique and different way. Some of them do battles with wine or tomatoes, the protagonists of many others spanish festivals are the bulls, and a others pilgrimage to the chapel of his patron. All are totally different, but all are special.

For that reason, in this post, we want to talk about the most popular festivals in Spain:

Las Fallas
Valencia, land of explosive and majestic festivals, is perhaps one of the few towns where inhabitants can work all year long, to create the most impressive monument craft and to burn it in one night, March 19th.

Locals receive spring with explosion and fire, and during for 4 days and four nights of this spanish festival, the city is an open air museum, where a large number of scandalous monuments of cardboard, awaits to be burned and to create impressive bonfires.

Besides seeing art everywhere during the festival, there are numerous parades, concerts, spectacular fireworks, and restaurants to stop to eat an authentic paella, one of the best dishes of Spain.

La Feria de Abril
If you want to travel to Spain to hear and watch flamenco, without doubt, La Feria is your spanish festival!

In spring, when the whole city smells of orange blossom, Sevilla is full of color during a week full of singing and dancing.

During this spanish spanish festival, you can taste the excellent sherry and other delicious wines of the area, and in turn walk among horses, carriages and spectacular flamenco dresses.

San Fermín Festival
Probably you know this festival as The Running of the Bulls.

Every year, from July 6th to July 14th, Pamplona wears white and red to celebrate this amazing festival, the running of the bulls, a spanish festival well known worldwide.

This festival of 9-day, mixing religion, tradition and of course bulls. Because its main events, El Encierro, happens each morning at 8:00 am, when 6 animals and thousands of runners, run on closed streets around old town, to guide the bulls from the corrals to the bullring, where at night will take place the bullfights.

Undoubtedly, this spanish festival is one of the best festivals in the world, suitable for all audiences as long as they are willing to have a great time.

El Rocío
Another spanish festival that attracts millions of people, happen in a small town located in the province of Huelva, El Rocio.

El Rocío, is a Romería (pilgrimage) to the village of the same name to venerate to its virgin, Virgen del Rocio.

Thousands of people, will come to this spanish festival, on foot, horseback or in traditional carriages, decorated in the most authentic flamenco style, to holding a unique show, where folklore and joy are mixed with religion in a unique and colorful combination.

Semana Santa
Arguably the Holy Week in Seville, is one of the spanish festivals, with more rootedness and feeling.

This religious festival, is celebrated in almost all the regions of Spain, but Seville’s locals, live it with a lot more passion.

The brotherhoods take their pasos (saint’s statues) to the streets, where crowds awaits to appreciate it.

Visitors will attend to a strong and contradictory spectacle; the contrasts between a procession and another, are striking.

It’s hard to explain everything that will feel such during this emotional week, to someone has never seen this spanish festival.

It is difficult to understand why the people of Seville are able to spend three hours standing in a crowd, waiting one more year, to watch how their brotherhood go through the doors of the church. At Any case, it is an unforgettable experience.

Do you want to know more about the Spanish Festivals? Come and Live Spain.

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