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The Running of the Bulls 2019 Dates in Pamplona

One of the most important events in Spanish Summer is around the corner. We have less than a month for the Chupinazo, the starting point for San Fermin Festival or Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. As you know, this is one of the most famous and recognized festivals in Spain all around the world, and this week’s post is for all of you who are travelling to Pamplona to live this amazing party, to live something that you won’t forget. In this article we will go over the main activities and events taking place during the whole week of the festival, from July 6th to July 14th, which are really 9 days in total. Stay with us and make the most of your trip to Pamplona.

In previous posts, we have talked to you about different activities to do during the Festival such as activities for the little ones, the International Firework Contest or where to stay during the festival. Now, it is time to put everything together for you to have a full picture of what you are going to find once in Pamplona.

The starting point of the Running of the Bulls Festival this 2019 is July 6th at 12:00 with the Chupinazo in the Town Hall Square. Thousands of people dressed in white clothes with red scarf gather in this square, where bustle and wine are the main protagonists of the party, waiting for the rocket to be shot. Once it happens, the party and the Festival can officially start. There are several ways to watch this special moment, but we recommend to book a balcony spot in the square to watch first hand this astonishing moment of the Sanfermines. It is amazing!
During this first day of the Festival, Pamplona opens numerous activities for the first time. For example, children activities are opened in Plaza Libertad at 6 pm and the streets are full of music and activities for every kind of taste. The first Bullfight (horseback) takes place at 6:30 pm, and it is the only one in the Festival with the fighter riding a horse. The end to this first day of festival is marked by the first show of the International Firework Contest at 11:15 pm, which is the first one of the Festival.

The first encierro (Bull Run) of The Running of the Bulls Festival 2019 takes place during the second day of the Festival (July 7th) and starts at 8:00. For seven days, these bull runs are the main attraction of Fest, passing through the most emblematic streets of Pamplona for a few minutes every morning. As you know, one of the best ways to live these encierros is watching them from our exclusive balconies, so you will be able to see how hundreds of people run across Pamplona together with the magnificent bulls towards Pamplona’s Bull Ring. This July 7th in the morning is the moment for Saint Fermin to have his procession. This is the day to honor him, and the procession starts from Pamplona’s Cathedral and goes towards Saint Lorenzo’s Church.
But not only adults can enjoy bull runs. Every night at 9:45 pm, the Fire Bull takes Santiago’s Square for children to have their own encierro and can feel the thrill of running in front of a bull, even though it is made out of wood and carton.
After bull runs, at 9:30 in the morning, the Big Heads and Giants Parade tour the city with statues with the shape of kings and other figures. Along with them, music and dancing make a show that is worthy to watch. They also have a farewell parade during the last morning to say goodbye to the Festival.
Something that is also repeated for the whole Festival are the Bullfights, which are some of the most important and expected in Spain. Every afternoon at 6:30 pm, the same bulls that have been the stars of the morning’s run, take part in the afternoon’s bullfight as part of the Feria del Toro (Bull’s Fair). Through the whole week, some of the most recognized names in bullfighting are gathered in Pamplona for this Fair such as Perera, Cayetano, Castella, Padilla or “El Juli”.

If you attend to bullfights, you will watch one of the most spectacular and funny moments in the Fest. Once the event is over, hundreds of people jump to the arena in what is known as the Peñas Parade. A peña is a group of locals that unite in a kind of association and is what gives sense to the Festival. They attend the bullfights and spend their time singing and dancing, and after the bullfight, they take the arena and go on with the party. These groups of people are in charge of cheering up the atmosphere and they are constantly playing music and singing wherever they are. They also organize parades around the city, so they are an important component element in the Festival.

Music also has its own hollow in the Running of the Bulls. Everyday in both Plaza de los Fueros and in Plaza de la Compañía, there are music shows for the whole day. National artists and bands, DJs and all kind of musical groups gather in these squares to show their best and make people dance at the rhythm of their songs. Some of these artists are Efecto Mariposa, Soraya, Koma or Ayax y Prok among others. If you like live music, you have to go and watch them.

Finally, as every things in life, the Running of the Bulls Festival has to come to an end. Pobre de Mí (Poor Me) is the closing ceremony to the Fest. The same place that marks the beginning of the Festival has to put the magnificent finale. At 23:30 the Town Hall Square gets crowded of people singing the farewell song. At least it’s just until the next year.

We hope these lines have helped you to make a clearer picture of what to do during the Festival. Some of these events have been commented in deeper detail in previous posts, but keep in mind that we are here to make your trip to Pamplona as good as possible and you can always ask us about anything you want to know. Contact us to create the best local experience during The Running of the Bulls Festival and to know where to stay so you just have to live it.

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