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Unique Theaters in Spain

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If during your trip to Spain you want to have fun with a good comedy, enjoy classic theater, thrill with opera or delight with a musical event, we recommend you attending to one of the most authentic theaters of Spain.

Some, like Gran Teatro del Liceo or Teatro Real de Madrid, offers performances throughout the year, whereas others only receive plays in summer. When two of the most interesting Festivals of Spain take place. The international festival of classical theater of Almagro and Mérida.

In this post we wanted to select four of the most charming theaters of Spain. Unique spaces that will leave stunned even the most demanding viewers.



Corral de Comedias de Almagro
Definitely the International Festival of Classical Theatre in Almagro, well worth the fame that gradually, has gained among theater lovers.

Each year, about 40,000 people gather in this historic city of La Mancha to attend numerous shows, events and activities scheduled during the month of July and see how the festival transforms this beautiful city on a huge stage to to provide a unique experience worldwide.

Initially, the festival started at the Corral of Comedies, a landmark building of Baroque where theatrical performances took place in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and that today is, the best preserved building of all the Spanish Golden Age.

Gran Teatro del Liceo de Barcelona
At The Ramblas, near La Boqueria market, we find the Gran Teatro del Liceo, popularly known as “El Liceo”. A must for opera’s lovers.

A historical theater, which was rebuilt after fire and that for decades has been symbol and meeting place for the aristocracy and bourgeoisie of Catalonia.

The Gran Teatro del Liceo, is the most prestigious active theater in Barcelona, especially for opera. After more than 150 years offering prestigious plays, this theater is considered one of most important worldwide.

Teatro Real de Madrid
Better known as “The Real”, this prestigious theater, is without a doubt one of the most representative buildings of Madrid, thanks to its beautiful architecture.

Located at Plaza de Oriente, opposite Royal Palace, Teatro Real de Madrid is one of the most important cultural institutions in Spain.

All year round, Teatro Real de Madrid, offers great operas, and also has a fabulous selection of activities for children and youth, so it can be an excellent plan if you are thinking of traveling to Spain with your family.

Teatro Romano de Merida
Visit the Roman Theatre of Merida is impressive all year long, but if you can have the privilege of attending one of their shows during the Festival of Classical Theatre in Merida, you will feel that for a few hours, you’ll travel 20 centuries back.

2000 years after its construction, the Roman Theatre of Merida, continues to fulfill its original task, and along its 60 editions, the most prestigious national and international actors, continue representing, on its ancient stones, the great Greek and Roman tragedies.

If you would like that these activities be part of your unique trip to Spain, contact us and we will help you to organize a bespoke itinerary only for you.

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