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The Hammam, a hidden gem of Madrid

Hammam Baths in Madrid Hammam Baths in Madrid

Is difficult to guess what is hidden behind the walls of this pink building located in one of the oldest squares of Madrid. Hard to imagine the centuries of history and crossing of cultures that concentrate behind this small wooden door.

In the historic center of Madrid, is located the only Arab bath in town. At only five minutes walk from Plaza Mayor, this is the ideal place to relax after a long day of tapas, shopping and walks around the always surprising city of Madrid.

Over an ancient Aljibe of hundreds of years, has rebuilt the Hammam. A place to relive part of Arab heritage, and trust me, you will relive too!

Once you cross through the first arc, you’ll feel moved to another place, in another time, and with other sensations, where stress has no place.

The route through the three baths of Hammam, the room with cold water (Bayt al-Barid), with warm water (Bayt al-bastani) and hot water (bayt as-sajun), together with Turkish bath and relaxation area, eliminate any hint of stress, and lead you to a relaxation level that I had never experienced before.

Once you start the baths route, the smile will starts to establishing in your face, wrinkles are diminishing, and your relaxed shoulders, make your body feel more comfortable in these curved walls baths, where the soft and dim light invites you to remain seated with a water jet massage on your back.

The Arabic baths are a pause, a free space of stress, and in Madrid we know it!

Here doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or if you’re in a group trip. If you’re enjoying Madrid with your family or if you are surprising your partner with a romantic trip to the beautiful spanish capital.

Either way, here everything becomes less important when you relax in the Hammam’s waters, tasting delicious tea, and hearing the water from the central fountain. And when you think, that this moment can not be better, the therapist arrive to give you a wonderful massage. If you are looking for a luxury trip in Madrid with a lot of experiences you must know our Travels. Contact us!

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