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Barcelona’s Best Beach Bar

Barcelona’s Best Beach Bars Barcelona’s Best Beach Bars

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Besides many activities, tours and events, Barcelona has several lively beaches to fight with the wet and hot weather of this city.

Though its waters are not the most transparent of the Mediterranean Sea, a good plan, if you are visiting Barcelona during the summer, is to spend a day at Bogatell Beach.

There you will find one of our favorite bars, the Guingueta de L’Escriba, a nice beach bar run by the Escriba Restaurant (Av. Litoral, 42, Barcelona) where you can relax, eat and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

If you want to find sunbeds near the shore, we recommend arriving early, but if you prefer to spend the morning visiting Barcelona, another excellent plan is to arrive at lunchtime, take some of its tastiest dishes such as Espetos (grilled sardines) or Paella’s Tapa, and lie in the sun to relax and drink some of its amazing cocktails.

Also, If you like sports, you will love this place, because you can enjoy watching or participating in some of the Beach Volley match that are played near from this beach bar. Come to Spain and Let’s Discover Barcelona!

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