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Our Favorite Luxury Spa in Barcelona

Barcelona, without doubt the most trendy city in Spain. It has wonderful spas located in luxury hotels that offer body treatments and facials with excellent therapists and top brand products. Spas perfect for relaxing after a shopping day or sightseeing.

But if you are already tired of conventional spas, and you are looking for a different experience in Barcelona. You should know more about Bali Spirit Barcelona. An exclusive Spa-Lounge of Bali in Barcelona, for people looking for something different to relax, disconnect and feel peace.

Few days ago, during one of our trips to Barcelona, I visited this excellent Balinese Spa and tried it, to see if it was really as amazing as I thought.

After visiting the venue, talk to Raquel Jimenez, founder of Bali Spirit Barcelona and enjoy a wonderful treatment, I can confirm that yes, it is an spectacular Spa!

Since I crossed of the front door, I noticed that I was in a special place, a small oasis in the middle of busy Barcelona, where the warm welcome, the exquisite aroma that is breathed and the interiors made me travel to Bali.

Once at reception, I chose between more than 20 types of Balinese massage. Sophisticated treatments, created with love by its founder. Among all the treatments, I could see options for all kinds of needs. Relaxing massages, beauty treatments, massages for couples or even options to enjoy with your girlfriends.

This time, I was recommended to try the Lampung massage. A massage made with talcum powder, essence oils and silk scarves, followed by a traditional Balinese bath. The truth is that the explanation sounded phenomenal, so I agreed on it.

I haven’t had the pleasure of trying other massages at this Spa, but I can assure you that the Lampung has been, without doubt, the best massage I have tried in Barcelona.

Before I started, the therapist asked me if I wanted a relaxing or restorative massage. My choice was restorative, and after my choice, the magic began!

To start, we practice a series of breaths to disconnect and relax. Then, lying on the massage bed, I began to notice how my body was covered with talcum and the massage began. At first, more than a deep massage, there were thousands of caresses. Those pampering that we all love to get.

Then I noticed drops of essence oils on my body and the therapist gave me a relieve massage, simply perfect and always asking if the intensity of it was the desired.

To finish, we went to the part of the bath, where at the traditional Balinese way, the therapist cleaned up the remains of talcum powder and essences. The perfect touch to finish a massage of 1 hour 30 minutes of duration.

Once it finished, with a soft, fresh body and a smile that I couldn’t erased from my face, she offered me a tasty ginger infusion at the lounge.

While I was enjoying that moment in that cozy atmosphere, I realized why several elite athletes and the most sybarite and demanding public chose this Barcelona Spa to pamper their body.

Surely, Bali Spirit Barcelona, goes directly to our list of the best Barcelona Spas.

If you need more information about other treatments, or if you want to enjoy an excellent massage during your vacation in Barcelona. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help you enjoy this experience!

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