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“Cadaques, the Most Beautiful Village of the Word” according to Salvador Dalí

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Last week I traveled to the land of the light, the wind, the sea, the land of the imagination. To a land where it does not matter that the time goes because you are trapped in a kind of incomparable immensity. Last week I traveled to Cadaques, Costa Brava.

Cadaques has the ability to make you feel good. This small fishing village on the Costa Brava has been, and continues to inspire countless artists, such as Salvador Dalí, and has been a meeting point for hippies, bohemians, politicians and sailors. A mixture that makes it special.

The light in this small town on the Costa Brava, is unforgettable. It is neither the light of Africa, nor the light painted by the Impressionists in their paintings, Cadaques has an special light difficult to explain, but it certainly arouses energy, enthusiasm and sensuality.

Perhaps this was the reason why seven friends who studied together many years ago, decided to meet in Cadaques to make the route of the “Paraje de Tudela”, one of the most interesting and spectacular hikes of the Cape of Creus.

During almost 6 km of hiking, at the Paraje de Tudela, we found huge rocks, eroded for millions of years by the sea and the Tramontana (the wind of the area), which created capriciously: a camel, an eagle, a rabbit , An elephant, … as many forms as each one can imagine!. Those were some of the figures that inspired Dalí to create some of his masterpieces.

He said, “El Paraje de Tudela, it is a mythological place created by Gods rather than men and should to continue as it is.”

Bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the Cap de Creus, the Paraje de Tudela left us amazed. There we could observe contrasts between the turquoise and transparent waters of the Costa Brava, the cleanest blue sky you have ever seen and the immense metamorphic rocks that gave the landscape a unique personality.

Once there, we understood why El Paraje de Tudela was the source of inspiration and the recurring element of Salvador Dalí’s work.

In addition to strolling through the Paraje de Tudela, we also enjoyed the beautiful village of Cadaques, staying in a beautiful fisherman’s house and tasting incredible Mediterranean cuisine.

Now I understand why when Salvador Dali was asked: Are you happy? He replied “There are times when I feel very good, and the reason is Cadaques”.


By E.T

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