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A Day Surronded by Bravo Bulls in Spain

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Few days ago we traveled to Extremadura to live an unforgettable experience surrounded by nature, animals and much tradition. We had the pleasure of visiting a farm of bravo bulls in Extremadura.

An amazing place, not only for the environment in which we were, but by the kind attention with which we were received. Since you enter in the property, you feel at home and you want to explore every single corner.

Before arriving at the “Cortijo” (farmhouse), we could see the first bulls. They were quiet, lying in the shade of the oaks and staring at our 4×4 vehicle. We turned off the engine, and down the windows to observe, quietly, and smell the special scent that has the Dehesa.

There, he began our safari! First we went to see adult bulls, pure fiber, noble and strong animals. Then we visited the younger bulls, with smaller horns and skittish, and finally, we headed to a separate area where we found the baby bulls with their mothers.

On the way back to the Cortijo (country house), we lived one of the most beautiful moment of the day. We stopped near a creek and got out of the car. In the distance, we saw a herd of lovely mares, and suddenly, in response to the voice of the owner, all them came galloping up to us. That was a magical moment that we will remember forever.

When we thought that we would not be more surprised, The farmer took us to visit the bullring of the finca and to meet a very special bull, Farruquito.

A single specimen, a bravo bull who lost his mother when was born and has been brought up by the owners of the farm.

The bull’s farm owner invited us to jump off the fence where the bull was and, by his side, we approached to the huge bull with an olive branch to feed him. The truth is that even knowing that it is a tame animal, feed a 600kg bull is very impressive.

Still excited, we reached the farmhouse, where the owners, had prepared a great meal in our honor at the main hall, next to the fireplace.

We sat at the table with a delicious glass of wine, cheese, chorizo and Iberian ham to enjoy a great conversation while we were waiting for the main course, a delicious cocido extremeño (a traditional stew of Extremadura), a typical and tasty dish perfect to recover strength and continue our journey.

Although personally we would never left this farm, we had to depart to discover our next destination. Anyway, as we wish that everyone could enjoy this authentic experience, we decided to include it in our itinerary Unknown Extremadura.

We hope you can enjoy as much as we did!

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