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Day Tours from Pamplona during The Running of the Bulls

Everything around this time of the year revolves around Pamplona and you know perfectly why, the running of the bulls festival is close to be here, Yes, July 6th, is the desired date when this amazing festival starts in Pamplona town, and right now people is organizing their itinerary to include that important date in their trip.

There are many activities to enjoy in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls, per example in other posts we already chatted about Bull Run (el encierro), the procession, the giants and big heads parade, the opening ceremonies (chupinazo), ect. But in case you are traveling to Pamplona, and want to discover other parts of Navarra or the Basque Country besides the festival, we are going to share with you ideas for other activities and excursions you can do around Pamplona when you come to the Sanfermines.

Are you an outdoors freeky? well, let me tell you that the north of Spain is the right place for you. having close enough the pyrenees there are numerous amount of hikes and paths to enjoy the beauty of the region, and lots of unique places that will let a positive mark on you.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a more meaningful and fulfilling experience you can think of doing “El Camino de Santiago” hike (The way of Saint James). Actually, many of ours guest pick the festival as their beginning of their Journey having endless options to do it so, like going in bike, walking or even horse riding. it all depends on the time you have and your physical capabilities. Other option, is to walk just for a day or two, to visit the surronders of Pamplona to feel El Camino.

Navarra has also natural parks that preserves the wild life “las Bardenas Reales” is one of our favourite places because is a very unique place. Las Bardenas is a desert where you could have a day full of outdoors adventures with the plus of having the possibility of enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets of the region. Thanks to the colors of the land you can enjoy a magical and colorful crepusular light that is well known around this region.

Some of the activities you can enjoy at Bardenas Reales are BTT, Buggies, Quads or 4×4 guided Tours. An option could be enjoy a private day tour with us from Pamplona and come back to the city by the evening, or if you prefer you can have an unforgettable experience sleeping in a wonderful hotel in the middle of nowhere to feel the peace and magic of this place while you enjoy a stargazing night with a glass of Navarran wine.

Other amazing outdoor areas to fall in love near Pamplona is Foz de Arbayún, one of the most spectacular natural viewpoints we have in Navarra. This is a perfect place for bird watching.

Not only you can enjoy of today’s Nature when in Navarre, but you also have the opportunity to go an visit prehistoric caves full of mystery and curiosities.

Only one hour away driving from Pamplona, you can visit Zugarramurdi Caves, a day excursion perfect to mix with gastronomic experiences related with local products such visit cheese farms, have lunch in mazing cider houses, and learn how to elaborate typical liquors.

These caves, were famous in the past for being the shelter of pastors, witches, inquisitors and even smugglers so many years ago, and deserves a visit if you are looking for a different day tour.

Are you more of a foodie lover? do not worry because Pamplona has something for you too. As we have mentioned before in previos post you can enjoy some of our Pamplona’s gastronomic tours, and taste the flavors of the Navarre cuisine when you come to see the running of the bulls. Do not forget that this gastronomic tours are taylor made just for you, You just need to let us know what are your MUST and your DONTS when eating, and we will be in charge of making you to fly when tasting Pamplona´s flavors.

If food is your thing do not forget that in pamplona you have some Michelin restaurants where you will have a top culinary and sensorial experience.

We also offer excursions to go and get to know more about Spanish wine atLa Rioja” the region of Spain that holds more than 500 wineries with an international recognition for its quality. At la rioja you can do not only wine tasting but also many other activities that revolves around wine as for example: horse riding in the vineyards, hot air balloon, or the battle of the wine that happens on June 29.

In addition to this you have to think about the season when the running of the bulls happens which is Summer, and there are plenty of beautiful beaches awaiting for you to enjoy them.

After some days enjoying The Running of the bulls in Pamplona, we are sure you will need some relax in the beach!

The Northern Beaches of Spain are not as famous as the sutherns in the Mediterranean Sea, but are equal in Beauty and genuineness. The Cantabrian waters are a little bit more colder, but are less crowded which is perfect if you are looking to have a relaxing time with spectacular scenery. Also the towns in the North are very different in architecture especially in the Basque Country for what we always recommend going there to our clients. Please do not miss the magnificent scenes of the Cantabrian Sea from the cliffs, you would not regret the experience.

Here are only some ideas of things you can do around when in Pamplona, remember that Spain is a country with many year of history and many cultures have lived here what makes every city very unique, and special. Here are a lot of activities that you can perfectly cope with your Pamplona experience during the running of the bulls, it just depends on where do you want to go, what do you want to see, and what would you like to live.

Just let us know what are your desires and we will happily work with you in making your trip in Spain an unforgettable experience.

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