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Excursions from Madrid

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Are you wondering what other places you can visit next time you are in the majestic capital of Spain? Of course Madrid is one of the most charming cities of Spain, and is a must if you are going to travel to Spain.

It has monuments everywhere you go, and you almost feel like breathing the history when you step in front of Madrid sights. The charm does not come only from buildings, because everything you find in this city is special, including its people.

Madrid is located right in the center of Spain, which makes it easy for travelers who want to visit other regions of spain to go anywhere in the country in few hours, but did you know that there is no need to go far from Madrid to have a day full of joy, food, and cool places?

Given the enormous cultural heritage of Spain, If you are visiting Madrid, you can make some really near excursions that will show you more about the great mixture of cultures, architectural, variety of gastronomy, etc.

Roman aqueducts, mystical Castles, Jewish quarters, fort walls, cities from the medieval times and the best food of the region are only some of the treasures you can find close to our loved Madrid.

Excursion from Madrid to Toledo:
Probably this is the most well-known town near Madrid.

Located one hour away, Toledo is famous worldwide because in this city, many centuries ago, merged three cultures: Arabs, Jews and Christians, and all of them left monuments and sanctuaries around the old town of Toledo, that you can still today visit to feel a little bit closer of those cultures and its traditions.

The most amazing attraction of Toledo is its topography, because you have stunning views from wherever you are because it is located on a hill.

Toledo still has a great part of the wall that once defended the city from the enemies. Inside these aged walls in the old town of Toledo you will find major Synagogues, Mosques and Churches that are still in use and very well preserved.

There you also can find the Alcazar of Toledo (Alcazar is the type of fortification or castle built by the Arabs) and the ruins of the first wall built by the Arabs.

But, besides architecture, Toledo is well-known for Art lovers, because this ancient town has some of the most famous Spanish paintings and the museum of El Greco.

There is also a beautiful Jewish quarter, and if you are visiting Toledo, you will see many Arab influence, like the colorful lamps and unique places to buy amazing souvenirs for your loved ones.

Excursion from Madrid to Segovia:
If you prefer, you can choose to travel northwest and visit Segovia. A magical place with the best pig meat in the region.

If you are looking for a wonderful meal with stunning views, The famous restaurant that serves this plate has a unique view of the roman aqueduct, the most famous monument of Segovia.

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, is a masterpiece of construction that reaches 28 meters high without a drop of glue between the rocks. It is definitely an architecture wonder since is the only roman monument that still lives in perfect shape in the middle of the city.

Besides the roman heritage in Segovia, If you are visiting this fairytale town, you can visit the Walt Disney inspiration for the Snow White’s Castle, incredible right? He used Segovia’s Alcazar for inspiration for the design of this famous Disney Movie.

The castle remains from the Arab times in the region but was occupied for Spanish monarchies some centuries ago.

No doubt Segovia is one of a kind experience that you cannot skip in your next trip to Madrid.

Excursion from Madrid to Ávila:
Traveling west and an hour away from Madrid, you will find Avila, one of the most interesting cities of Spain according to UNESCO.

If you are wondering why this city has that recognition, you have to tag along and walk the intact medieval walls of this city with us.

Yes, intact walls! It has the whole old town inside the walls built one thousand years ago to protect the heart of the city from attacks.

More than half of these walls are walkable, giving you the perfect view of the old town, and the modern contrast outside these ancient walls.
Spain has fantastic train transportation and a great road infrastructure that will get you to any of these destinations in short times.

No matter the way you decide go, and discover this hidden treasures near Madrid, you can explore these beautiful towns during a day tour.

Many of our guests prefer to have Madrid as main location and pick some days to go on these day tours from Madrid.

The reason behind is very simple, they like to enjoy Madrid no matter how many times they have been in the city before, because a great amount of time spent in Madrid, is never enough. The rooftops bars, the gastronomic tours, the museums and sights are endless.

Furthermore the opportunity to walk and feel the royalty and majesty of Madrid is going to be always appreciated, but escape one or two days of the vibrant city to find the peace in these amazing towns, near Madrid, is an opportunity you can not miss if you are planning your trip to Spain.

If you need help organizing your trip, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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