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Living Granada from a Cave House

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. There’s no doubt about this. Moreover, there are different ways of staying and enjoying this amazing multicultural city, where you will find Jewish quarters, Moorish buildings and Roman and Catholic constructions. But have you ever imagined how would it be to live all of this from a cave?

As you may know, Spain has been “visited” by many different cultures along history. Some of them decided to establish their cultural centers in cities as Granada. This is a city of mixture, where you can find buildings of all types and from very different ages. So, when you think on visiting cities like this, you may come up with the idea of staying in a luxury hotel, with all kinds of facilities to spend a leisure holiday in a proper way. In the case of Granada, you can do that, but you can also live all of this from an real cave house to have a more authentic experience. But don’t panic: you will enjoy luxury as well.

Cave houses were one of the most popular ways of living years ago. There are some areas of Granada, at the outskirts of the city, where families used the hills surrounding the city to dig caves and establish themselves. This was a way of living in Granada without having to build a house or having to buy one. They just made their houses in the stone of the stone in Granada and several town around it. The neighborhood of the Sacromonte, in Granada, is one of the most famous cave areas. It is also part of Spanish literature as it inspired Federico García Lorca to produce his Gypsy Ballads in 1928 and counts with a direct view to the Alhambra. It is also next to the most recognized and picturesque area of the city, the Albaicín. If you want to discover this lovely area of the city in style, we can plan a unique experience and organize a visit some of the most famous cave houses under the guidance of Pepe “el Picaor”, who is an expert on the rehabilitation of cave houses to make them available to be inhabited and will tell you about the secrets and legends of these amazing places. Besides the beauty of this landscape and an amazing architecture tour to discover the Sacromonte, in this area of the city, you can enjoy the incredible experience of attending to one of the best flamenco shows in town.

Sleep in a cave house in Granada – Charming accommodation in Spain

For sure, If you decide to stay in a cave house, you won’t live this experience as people used to spend their days years ago. You will have the chance to stay in a cave house with every luxury you can imagine. This is a unique opportunity to sleep in the bowels of Spain, in absolute calm and silence. We cannot imagine a better place to disconnect from routine and to be in touch with nature as it is an eco-friendly place that is ideal to be blended with Andalusia’s mountains and deserts. In these caves you will have a direct view to the mountains around Granada from your infinity pool, where you will also have the chance to enjoy a ride through this magnificent spot on a 4×4, a horse or a mountain bike. This region is also famous for its cellars, which you will be able to visit and taste the wines that are produced there. As you will be staying close to Granada, the Alhambra is a must in your tour through this region, so you can visit it privately, with no one to disturb you as this magnificent monument is enjoyed in its maximum radiance. During the sunset, and after doing some of these activities, I bet that a private massage session can be the right thing to do as the sun is going down and you get the most out of the moment. Moreover, not everything can be massages and enjoyment, so you can also learn from this magnificent region. As you may know, Andalusia is famous all around the world by its gastronomy, so you will have the chance to learn how to cook some of the most well known meals in a private cooking lesson given by reputed chefs. So, a romantic evening in the house patio is highly recommendable, and we can even offer you the possibility of watching a live flamenco show just in front of you.

Finally, we cannot end this piece without telling about some other parts of this magical city that is Granada. Going outside the moorish quarters, we can find the real mixture of cultures. Granada has gone through different stages along history, which is highly reflected on its main monuments. One of them is its cathedral, which was built in the 16th century, during the Renaissance. The Royal Chapel was also built during the same century, but it counts with a different architectonic style, which is the Isabelline one, and having inside the coffins of the Catholic Monarchs, who were perhaps the most famous ones in Spain’s history. At last, the city’s Charterhouse (Cartuja de Granada) also deserves a mention, as it is one of the most representative building of the Gothic style in Spain. As told above, the Albaicín area deserves an extended visit by itself. Taking a walk through its streets and its moorish passages is living the essence of Granada. As you walk this area, you can reach the different overlooks of the city, where you will have one of the most breathtaking views in your life. Going up and down these little streets, you will find yourself in a kind of maze in which it is a pleasure to be lost. You will find yourself surrounded by tea shops and tasting the atmosphere of the real moorish quarters of the city. This is something that you have to experience at least once in your life. All of this can be done from our excellent cave houses. But the undisputed star of the city is the Alhambra. If you wish, you will have the unique chance to visit the historic precinct in a private way, just for you. Visiting this antique location in this way is an opportunity that must be taken.

So, if you are thinking on travel to Spain, and more concretely to Granada, we really advise you to live a true experience there. Spending a few days in a cave house with all kind of luxuries is much more than appealing, as you will be staying in the heart of Granada’s nature and you will be able to make the most of this amazing historical city. Leave everything in our hands and just lay back and relax. You will see how history passes in front of your eyes, and there is no better way to live this than from the most authentic and natural way.

We are really wishing for you to join us in looking for the most hidden secrets of this astonishing city that is Granada.

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