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Live, Love and Relax in Ibiza. the Best Luxury Spanish Trip

Image by Cotton Beach Club Ibiza Image by Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

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Ibiza is well known for being an incredible place to party. The white island is a must if you like music and want to watch the best DJs in action.

Many travelers have gone there only to have a vacation full of partying, but not many people are aware of the beauty of Ibiza beaches and its surroundings, neither do they know about the food and luxury activities they can do in Ibiza if they were connected to the right people.

Going to Ibiza just to party is to miss out more than 70% of what this amazing place has to offer, and sadly most of the people that go there keep missing it. We want your experience to be different from the majority.

We want you to have an outstanding and exclusive experience when you visit Spain. So relax and prepare because we are not going to let you miss out all the fun and beauty of our country!

Let’s take a sneak peak of the top experiences you can have during your trip in Ibiza and talk a bit more about these not so mentioned activities:

Did you know the Mediterranean diet is cataloged as one of the best because it is consider to be very healthy thanks to the great mixture of fruits, vegetables, oils, and lean sources of protein (FISH & PORK).  If you didn’t, now you do, so imagine yourself in a place like Ibiza eating the Authentic Mediterranean food in a wonderful beach restaurant.

Having Bullit de Peix (traditional Ibiza dish made with rice and fish) at the beach with a Sangria pitcher, or maybe you would prefer to go for a just caught sea bass while enjoying the sunset in one of the trendiest lounges in the island. Maybe, you are not very hungry and prefer to go with some slices of Iberian Ham that comes from a free-range Iberian pig.

Sounds like a dream, right? Ibiza has excellent gastronomy and we are sure you will find anything you want here, because unlike many other places, Spain has a great variety of delicious food and if you wish, you will be having a high quality food from the moment your feet touch Ibiza Island.

Besides gastronomy, Just 18 miles away from Ibiza you can find the paradise on earth and it is called Formentera. This island belongs to the Balearic Islands, and has unique characteristics that make Formentera a unique place in the Mediterranean.

The island is so small it does not have an airport, you can only go by ferry or sailing, which narrows down the amount of people that have access to this paradise.

This small island is perfect for a retreat, intimate or romantic vacation and is atrting to be one of the most exclusive destinations of Spain and the Mediterranean.

The best of Formentera is the sea, here you can only find clear crystal waters and turquoise blue waters. You will feel like you are out of this world, not mentioning all the different activities you could be doing at the island like relaxing in a luxury spa, practice yoga in a isolate cove, and much more.

One of the most unique experiences of Formentera is the way we will get you there. Our suggestion is sailing from Ibiza to Formentera, in a luxury boat, enjoying the different blues of the waters and having some Spanish snacks while you enjoy the incredible view, isn’t this amazing?

Sailing the Mediterranean is a must that you cannot miss. In formentera, there are a many coves where boats can stay, no matter which you choose, always,  you will get to see some celebrities boats docking just by where you are, because they, like you, choose to enjoy a beautiful day away from the real world and choose Formentera for its luxury vacation in Spain.

Another unexplored Ibiza’s face is the exclusivity of having an authentic travel planned just so you can relax and find the inner peace you need.

Ibiza has luxury hotels, spa, and yoga studios where we could arrange what you need to break out from monotony and the ongoing world. Having this break in one of the most beautiful places on earth isn’t the same than just turning off the phone and meditating with some YouTube’s tutorials. Ibiza offers the right scene for this kind of trip.

If you wish, in Ibiza you could have some meditation and yoga sessions mixed with fun outdoors activities like hiking to explore the cliffs or going for a horse ride in lonely but beautiful beach, doing paddle-board yoga, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, you could even have a special cooking demonstration from a Spanish chef just for you. So, do not limit your imagination because the amount of unique experiences you could have in Ibiza goes on and on.

I hope this article, give you another way to think of Ibiza and helps you decide to include this exclusive mediterranean island in your next luxury vacation trip.

If you are thinking about it, we are just a click ahead to help you enjoy the VIP experience you are looking for and we will be more than happy to make your dreams come true. Summer is coming!

Note: Image by Cotton Beach Club Ibiza
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