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Finding fresh air, culture and peace at Montserrat Mountain

Barcelona is a fantastic city full of life and movement. Enjoy a few days in this cosmopolitan town is a must if you are visiting Spain, but if you are going to spend several days in the city and you want to get away from the asphalt to find some peace and breathe fresh air, A good idea can be a day tour in the mountains, so Montserrat Mountain could be a fabulous option!

This unique mountain of 1,236 meters high, located only 50 Km from Barcelona is undoubtedly the symbol of Catalan culture and one of the most visited places by tourists, locals and Catholic pilgrims.

The Montserrat Mountain is an ideal national park to spend a day in nature, discovering Catalan gastronomy, visiting the Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat, home of La Moreneta (the Black Virgin), and pamper your soul listening to the spectacular voice of one of the oldest children’s Choirs of Europe.

The Montserrat Mountain is an ideal environment for outdoor sports. If you like hiking, you should take the cable car to the top of this rocky massif, and once there, you can choose one of the superlative hiking trails where brooks tumble into ravines and lookout points boast panoramas of rocky pillars, rock formations, sculpted Over millennia by wind and frost.

During the walk you may see some wildlife such as wild boar, mountain goats, eagles or owls, as they are part of the natural park.

In addition to enjoying the outdoor beauty of the Montserrat Mountain, caving enthusiasts will be able to marvel at the underground beauty of this Mountain, since at the underground you can visit innumerable caves and grottos, which served as inspiration to the prestigious architect Antonio Gaudí.

Another wonderful sport to practice in the Mountain of Montserrat is climbing. With more than 5,600 lanes open for climbing and thanks to its peculiar conglomerate, Montserrat Mountain attracts climbers from all over the world.

But if besides of nature, you want to learn and do cultural activities, you should not miss Montserrat Benedictine Monastery. A Sanctuary where you can admire the image of the Virgin of Montserrat, better known as La Moreneta, patroness of Catalonia.

The current community of the Monastery consists of about 80 monks, whose goal is to keep the mountain as a place of meeting and prayer.

In addition to the Virgin, Montserrat Mountain hides other jewels, as its Library, which has more than 800,000 copies, and the Museum where you can admire art works of art Santiago Rusinyol, Picasso, El Greco, Miró, Tapies, Monet or Renoir, among others, and which has archeological pieces brought from Rome, Palestine, Iran and Egypt.

Also, Montserrat Monastery, has the Escolanía of Montserrat, which is a Children’s choir considered one of the oldest in Europe, because there are documents are collected, from the fourteenth century, that talk about the fantastic Children’s voices of Montserrat.

If you want to visit Montserrat Mountain, and you wish to enjoy these angelic voices, you can listen it every weekday at 1pm and Sundays at 12:00 and 18:45 pm.

To visit Montserrat Mountain, you can travel by car, bus or train, but the ideal would be to organize a private tour where our experts will create a very special visit for you, designing a cultural, gastronomic or adventure trip with the best guides.

If you need more information contact us. We will be happy to help you enjoy your holidays in our country!

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