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Finding best Christmas Gift in Spain

Christmas is getting closer and closer, so you should start thinking on what to give away to your beloved ones. Lately, the boom of Christmas shoppings has been centered on traditional American Black Friday, which has been imported by the developed countries as an strategy to sell the remaining stock from the rest of the year. But this article is aimed to give you a different proposal: how about visiting Spain and take advantage of your trip to make your Christmas shopping in the most important cities of the country? As most of Christmas markets in Spain are located in the most recognized places on each city, this is a perfect option for you to visit famous monuments, watch amazing Christmas lightning and make some shopping. If you are thinking on going to Spain and make some tourism through its amazing cities during Christmas time, we will give you some tips to make your Christmas shoppings in Spain.

First of all, Madrid, as the capital city of Spain, hosts the biggest and most antique Christmas markets in the country. These markets are located in the center of the city so you can benefit from this fact. The most renowned one is the Plaza Mayor Market, where you will find around a hundred stands to buy traditional and typical Christmas presents. This square is located in the heart of the city, and the light setting of this area will make you fall in love with Christmas. Moreover, you will find an artisanal market near Plaza Mayor where craftsmen show their amazing works to be sold.
Apart from that, Plaza España also counts with a magnificent Christmas fair. It is mostly oriented to quality products, and craftsmen from different fields as leather, pottery, toys or sculpture make the delights of visitors and show valued products which a perfect decoration for your house at Christmas. So, we’re sure that visiting Madrid during these special days together with your family or your partner can be one of the best ideas.

Secondly, Barcelona stands as other of the main protagonists in terms of commercial activity and tourism, even competing with Madrid in these terms, so Christmas markets are also powerful in this Mediterranean city. This is one of the most beautiful city in Spain, so it’s Christmas fairs couldn’t be less. The Fira de Santa Llucia (Saint Lucy’s Fair) takes place right in front of the cathedral and you will find a wide range of products. From the most traditional ones to avant-garde goods, you can buy every kind of Christmas-related things to give away or for your home to be kindly decorated. There, you will also be able to purchase the most traditional Catalan nativity scene figure: the Caganer. It is a little shepherd who is… well, you’ll see that on your own.
The next Barcelona’s market to talk about is the one settled in Gran Via. There, you can find two different areas to buy both crafts and toys. This is one of the most traditional markets in the city, and you can also take a break to have a hot chocolate with your family. Definitely, you will enjoy Christmas in this wonderful city.

Andalusia is also a region where its different cities show amazing Christmas markets. For instance, Seville hosts a bunch of stands that, together with its magnificent lightning, makes a really charming time of the year to visit the Andalusian capital. Moreover, Granada deploys a quality market as well. There you will find a small market in comparison with the ones previously mentioned, but the atmosphere is perfect to visit it with your family as you walk this amazing city. Málaga also counts with an amazing Christmas market where visitors can taste traditional gourmet food and take a walk through its craft stands. So, Andalusia is a good choice to live Christmas in Spain.

Finally, we cannot forget about Valencia. Surrounding the Central Market of the city, Christmas Fair is becoming more and more important as years pass by. With more than 60 stands, this market is a perfect option to make your traditional Christmas shoppings as you try some hot chocolate to get warmer.

Well, as you can see, Christmas is also a part of Spanish culture and you will realize if you visit the different markets in the most important cities of the country. It is a matter of living this festivity on the streets and socializing with other people during these magical days. So, this time of the year is perfect to visit these cities and enjoy surrounded by a Christmas environment as you take this chance to make your dear ones a traditional Christmas present. Just choose the places you want to visit and leave it in our hands. We will set everything for you to live your Christmas in a different way.

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