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Discovering a Spain Icon – The Toro Bravo by 4×4

For more than eight centuries the Spanish fields have been guarded by bull silhouettes; bulls that graze near wedges and thickets through the lands of Andalucia.

The fields of the south-western part of Spain have been home to great herds of bovids of great character that coexist with human beings since time began, giving this place an atmosphere of ancestral courage and wisdom.

The bull, for Spain, more than a bovine animal, is a symbol that remains today, with no more publicity than its mere expressive content. To understand much of the Spain traditions and its wonders, one would have to take a look at the large livestock that take care and protect this symbol of dignity and honor.

If you are traveling to Spain and you want to know more about this marvelous animal, we will be happy to introduce you to Toro Bravo’s world through a Safari-type tour, where you can visit these great animals in their home and we can observe the calves, who have just known this world accompanied by their mothers, to the adult cattle.

Wandering in a 4×4, glimpsing these beautiful animals grazing through the Spanish fields of Extremadura or Andalucía; observing, at first sight, the large tracts of land they run in the mornings, combining comfort with the delight of witnessing the essence of Spain in its entirety. Getting to know the bravo bulls world and their habitat is a one in a million opportunity, getting close to the breeders and witnessing the field work with the tools they use is an extraordinary experience in Spain.

Through the safari type tour in Spain, we can observe herds typical of the lands of the Northern Mountain Range of Seville, alongside with horses and mares that the same farmers use to lead the group through the extensive slopes.

Through pastures and groves, holm oaks, cork oaks, and olive trees we will visit the lands of the Sierra Sevillana or the Dehesa of Extremadura, where bovines belonging to a large-scale cattle ranches have landed. This place, between the green frond sprouts of the broken lands, is the station in which the cattle that began in the lands of the lower Andalusia have settled, coexisting between pastures and vineyards in Farms that achieved great fame both for the quality of its wines as for the bravery of its bulls.

The luxury of this experience is not something you can own, is the uniqueness of being in an authentic cortijo (ranch) and being part of their life for a day.

After immersing ourselves in this tour of a variety of colors and landscapes and adventures in Andalucía, a home-made meal awaits us in one of the most exclusive locations of the place, the main house or even the private bullrigh of the ranch. Tastings of the most exquisite Spanish wines, cuts of fine meat, Iberian ham and cheeses that will give the palate a new meaning of the “Iberian” word.

If you can’t wait for an authentic experience in Spain such as this one, contact us through our social media profiles or our email, and let us take care of everything.

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