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Unique Basque Country

The Basque country is not like the rest of Spain. This region located at the North of Spain, has its own language, it own gastronomy and a totally different landscape.

There is a saying that says the best food of Spain is found in the north of the country specifically in the Basque country.

San Sebastian itself, has been recognized not only as the city with the best food in the world but also as an important cultural point in Europe with lots of events for all tastes.

This being said we want you to know more about this part of the country and know what kind of unique activities you can do here to start adding this beautiful place to your travel list destinations.

The Basque country does not differ to the rest of Spain in amount of different and unique activities you can have. It is a beautiful place where you can experience amazing gastronomic adventures, get to see important pieces of art, and go see unbelievable places that seem to be out of this world.

Who doesn’t love wine? The Basque country offers a great variety of wineries where you can go taste and enjoy more in deep about the elaboration of the delicious Txacoli, a very dry white wine, a little sparkling, fruity and young wine that is consumed in no more that one year after elaborated. Txacolí is very famous in the Basque Country, and visit a Taxocolí winery during your Spain journey is an unique experience you can not miss.

Recently we had the opportunity to visit a beautiful Txacolí winery. Spending a morning there learning about the elaboration of this young wine and enjoying the stuning views of the Basque Coast while tasting txacoli with the best sea food of the region, was simply perfect.

Another “must” for wine lovers, is a visit to Rioja Alavesa. In this small region, is made one of the most recognized Red wine of Spain, and here, you will find a great variety of wineries that mix wine with architecture in the most outstanding way you can imagine.

The best example of this, is Marques del Riscal Winery, a famous winery with excellent wines and an upscale 5-star hotel designed by the famous Architect, Frank Gehry. If you want to experience the luxury at the Basque Country, be sure you have a room with beautiful views in this exclusive hotel.

But The Basque Country is not all about wine, this spanish region, is heaven for our foodies, because only here are an estimate of 30 Michelin starred restaurants.

If you plan to travel to San Sebastian, you can have the privilege of enjoy a private experience with a chef that holds 3 Michelin Star.

you will go grocery shopping with him, to select the best fresh food in a local market and then you will learf from the best during a private master class in his kitchen. Impossible to top it up.

You will be fortunate to share with him all his knowledge and guidance through the delicious basque country flavors and sensations. if you are looking for an immersive experience in the Basque gastronomy, here is your opportunity, contact us and we will send you more information.

At the basque Country, you also can taste the famous Pintxos. This delicious and social food, are small portions of bread with some other food on the top all this is holded with a skewer or a toothpick (from it comes the name pintxo).

There are as many kinds of pintxos as you can think of and you can taste delicious and amazing combinations. Some bars even have a special kind of skewer depending on the price, so is easier to count after the clients are done.

If you are thinking to go and eat some pintxos, remembere that the tradition is to order pintxos with a small glass of red wine called “txiquito” or a small glass of beer called “zurito”.

I live spain has a gourmet walking tour where you could discover the best pintxos of San Sebastian. Best spots of the cultural city chosen only for those who like to enjoy the best combinations made for the best chefs in town. Do you want to be a pintxos pro? Just contact us!

Are you more of a fashion type or architect lover? The Basque Country, also have the perfect experience to you.

Come along with us to visit the Balenciaga museum where you can learn more about the life and work of this iconic designer Cristobal Balenciaga and why not design your own scarf to take with you as the perfect souvenir of this unique experience in luxury Basque Country.

For art lovers, Bilbao, will be a must stop if you are visiting the Basque Country. There, is the famous Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank O Gehry.

This museum is special, but its location too. All the surroundings are worth seeing and walk along the river is a must.

Another great option for travelers who love art, is to go check out the famous Pablo Picasso’s mural in Guernica which describes the civil war in Spain.

If you are looking for beautiful and special landscapes, San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in the Bay of Biscay is a magic place. Its name in Basque means castle in the rock and has been the location for some episodes of the TV Serie “Game of Thrones“.

It is beautiful to watch it from the cliff, but you can actually go up the 241 steps and see the beauty nature everywhere you look at, it is outstanding!

We hope to see you in the Basque Country! Discover the north of Spain with our private and luxury travels & trips.

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