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5 Tips to Experience the Perfect Trip to Spain

Sometimes people says that vacations could be more stressful than their real life, Because when they a take flight far away from their home, and decide to visit a very cultural destination as Spain, they can not to stop a moment to live the moment, and their vacation seems more a crazy gymcana than a relaxing break. Always treating to visit and do as many tours as they can.

We have the opinion that to enjoy an special trip, is important to rest well, live every city and manage your time. For that reason in this post we want to give you some tips to enjoy a memorable trip in Spain.

1. Reserve an accommodation with great location.

If you want to explore a city, location is very important. Spain is a country with beautiful old towns, and usually all of them are suitable to visit by foot.

The city centers of Spain are alive. They are full of shops, bars, etc. For that reason, staying there, you will be inmerse in the spanish lifestyle.

Sometimes, travelers are looking for good deals and they decide to get an accommodation far from city center, but once in Spain, they should expend their money and time in taxis or public transportation.


2. Try to be a local.

In Spain we have a topic, “allá donde fueres, haz lo que vieres” .

It means that when you are visiting a new place, you should do what locals do.

Spain is full of traditions, and locals love people that try to be part of their culture, for that reason, we encourage you to live the real Spain.

Trying to enjoy as a local every day (tasting our food, shopping at authentic and small shops, learning about our way of life and history, etc.).


3. Manage your time.

Spain is a country to be enjoyed by any kind of traveler.

Foodies will falling in love of amazing restaurants; history passionates will enjoy discovering amazing monuments and old villages; artists will find inspiration around every corner; shopping lovers will discover with a lot of high end Spanish brands and artisans products; and of course Spain offer awesome options for who want to relax on the beach, work out in the nature or who want to have fun at some of best festivals worldwide.

Probably during your trip in Spain, you’ll want to do many activities, and visit very different places, For that reason, we think is very important manage your time correctly, and know what do you want to do during your visit to Spain.

Is very important enjoy each place during your stay in Spain, for that, we believe in “slow travel”, that will permit appreciate each of the activities you want to do.

We are sure that You’ll enjoy much more visiting 2 places in one day, and staying longer in a city, than visiting 7 cities in 6 days.


4. Avoid touristic places to have a meal.

Usually when you arrive to a new country is hard to know what you should eat. Besides in Spain we have many different dishes and not all restaurants have bilingual menus.

Always, the easy option is to get lunch in a touristic place, where they have the menu in 10 different languages, and where you can see the typical Paella and sangria pictures.

Definitely, if you want to have an authentic experience in Spain, we recommend you avoid those restaurants, and try to find some good bar or restaurant with regional flavours. That’s true, Paella is a typical dish of Spain, but is not the only one!

If you wish, We’d love to help you to find a perfect restaurant for you.


5. Be Carefully with pick pockets.

Spain is a very secure European country, but as in many other touristic places, some pick pockets are waiting in crowded areas to steal bags, wallets or phones.

Remember to be alert when you visit a very touristic place or if you take the underground. Also, be sure that you never leave your bag or phone over the table or in a chair if you are in a popular terrace, because is possible where you are not paying attention, a pick pocket steal it.

There were some tips to enjoy Spain, but the most important one is to have fun and spend your vacation doing only what you like most.

We will be here to help you if you want to organize a unique trip to our country!

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