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The most beautiful Andalusia Villages

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The beautiful Andalucía, well known for the flamenco, the dresses, the elegance of its people and the gipsy atmosphere found in its cities has also a very unique way of architecture. Thanks to a mixture of cultures Andalucía has today a very unique, and outstanding mark that goes above many regions of Spain. The severe hot weather in the summer times made people some years ago cover their homes with cal because it helps to repel the heat what resulted in the beautiful white towns of Andalucía.

Next we are going to talk about the 5 most beautiful villages of the South of Spain that are not very recognized outside Spain and hopefully we awaken a little bit of curiosity on you so you decide to come and visit them with us.

Mojacar, Almeria: this town with very ancestral roots belongs to the list that recognizes the most beautiful villages of Spain. Mojacar has years and years of history, but the most important cultures that have lived there are the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Spaniards.

The architecture that you see today is mostly Mozarabic from the Arab times. The town most known picture is from far when you can see the whole white town; which actually is very neat because you can only see a bunch of white houses that seem to cling to the mountainside. Once you are in the town you feel like you are in a magical place with narrow streets and colorful ornaments, and flowers that invite you to be there and enjoy of the place, always reminding you of its Arab past.

The most characteristic symbol of Mojacar is the “Indalo”. It has been used in Mojácar, since ancient times, since the first travelers, found it painted on the facades of the houses, where the inhabitants of Mojácar painted it with the red clay, in order to drive away from the “evil eye” and preserve it from storms.

Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz: have you ever heard about the Spain white town route? Well, Arcos de la frontera is the gateway of this amazing route. This town has till marks of its prehistoric origins; however we have to thank the Muslim times in Spain for the town we can see today recognized as a historic-artist monument.

The village is located in a hill what makes the streets and some of the venues the perfect spot to have a panoramic view, and have a wonderful afternoon viewing the Landscape of this area of Cadiz.

Carmona, Sevilla: this town is another Gem of the prehistoric era in Spain. It has been occupied for more than 5000 years. For its geography was always an important place that allowed for a good surveillance of the region.

One of the most remarkable Roman remain in Carmon is no doubt the Necropolis, but you can also find parts of the Carthaginian times in Spain in of the doors of the city. Carmona is part of many tourist ways that travel around important milestones of those times like is the Baltic Romanic route.

Another interesting route that Carmona is part of is the Washington Irving route. The American writer was beyond fascinated with the beauty and the influence of the Arab culture in Andalucía and did himself a part of a bigger route important in the roman times which years later became a cultural and touristic important route for Europe.

Baeza, Jaen: Did you know that Jaen is the land of the olives?, whenever you are in Jaen you will see lands and lands of olive trees, quite amazing! One of the peculiarities of the town of Baeza is that it has a very unique landscape fulfilled with olive trees all around. So if you are visiting this andalusian region, trying their olive oil is a must. It is the golden liquid of Spain.

Baeza with its monumental architecture was named World heritage site by Unesco in 2003 thanks to its beauty, cultural richness and importance of the town in castile History since it was a very important and strategic enclave for the Christians´ Kings when they reconquest Andalucía from the Arabs.

This town is also the home of the culinary world of Jaen delicious plates are designed and served with the special touch of Baeza in the restaurants of this historic Town.

Is the perfect town to enjoy some relaxing vacations day when still getting to know interesting sites. There is no a big amount of people coming to Baeza, so you can walk and get in the buildings easily. Baeza has good food, good wine, and excellent views. What else do you need?

Guadix, Granada: been the land of one of the oldest human settlement of Spain Guadix is known today as a medieval town of Spain with multiple options for tourism. Not only are the important ecclesiastic monuments of the town since it was once a Roman Catholic dioceses, but is also the place where visitors can get to know more about the home caves.

The home caves are one of the most visited attractions of Guadix, and many of them are used for tourism. You can even spend a night in one of those caves. They keep better temperatures than the outer world which makes them perfect in the summer when the temperatures go up in Andalucía.

Traditional food, interior tourism, incredible landscapes and very interesting historic and monumental sites are some of the gems you will find in Andalucía, a place full of unique experiences awaiting for you in the south of this beautiful country called Spain.

If you wanted to discover this Spain charming villages in style. We recommend join us during a day tour, or travel Andalusia during a week visiting the most amazing spots of this Region. We are sure, you will never forget this authentic experience in Spain.

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