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Barcelona: an ideal city for conferences and business travel

There is a kind of event that has grown massively during the last decades. The number of congresses and conferences has increased steadily in a time when it seems that all we need to do is showing what we have with the purpose of competing with the top companies in almost every field you can imagine. In this sense, Barcelona has to say its word.
So, today we would like you to know a bit more about the main features that makes of this brilliant and astonishing Spanish city one of the main references as corporate event host and business travel destination.

Firstly, we should discuss the important role of the city of Barcelona within Spain. It is the second largest city in the Mediterranean country only after Madrid, which is the capital city. Its location makes it very attractive for tourists, wherever they come from. This means that tourism makes it being always one of the most visited cities in Spain and it is especially appealing for tourists from outside Spain. In this way, an amazing mix of cultures can be found all across the city every single day of the year because of the remarkable cosmopolitan character of Barcelona.

Precisely, this cosmopolitan character is what stands out for massive companies which have been attracted to the city, settling there and opening their regional headquarters in the Catalan capital. Through the year we can find business events almost everywhere you go, and this represents a big income for the city and its local businesses: around 40% from tourism revenues comes directly related to corporate events, world congresses, international trade fairs, etc. This also has a huge impact in terms of employment, as this kind of events are a magnificent opportunity for companies to recruit international stars from the different sectors organizing these trade shows.

In addition to this cosmopolitan character of Barcelona, we have to talk about what kind of facilities the city offers to those who want to organize an event. Primarily, Barcelona counts with a modern and advanced transport network to ease the task of going to certain points when there is a massive number of visitors. This is essential for a city that wants to host large events of any kind.
In this sense, Barcelona’s reputation on hosting international level events also rely on its modern and quality infrastructures, with large venues which are capable of gathering thousands of people without it being a problem. Local authorities on their side, try to facilitate the kinds of permissions that these events need in order to be developed in their full and everyone can make the most of them.
On top of that, the smooth weather of the city during the whole year, right by the Mediterranean sea, makes the location perfect for enjoying all kind of events at any moment.

Furthermore, as not everything in these events can be business, the purest side of tourism that Barcelona offers is also quite remarkable. Everyone attending trade fairs and congresses in Barcelona enjoys a top level accommodation offer, with hotels to fit the most demanding clients. Apart from accommodation, gastronomy is also one of the strongest point of the city, being the Mediterranean cuisine the star of the show. Barcelona is home to some of the most distinguished high cuisine restaurants in the country.

Can you recall any massive event taking place in Barcelona? Every year there are numerous large events in the city. Perhaps the most famous one is The Mobile World Congress, where top technology brands release their new products. This world famous event takes place in Barcelona every February since 2006 and is visited by more than 100.000 people, and this is just the starting point for the business events year. You can see that this is the proof that Barcelona is a charming and welcoming city for professionals.
In that sense, Barcelona is also home of top level music festivals and sport events taking place every year, but we think that you would be much more interested on knowing some of the most important corporate events that will be celebrated in Barcelona in 2020. Some of these events are The Mobile World Congress, the European Breast Cancer Conference, the Annual Conference of the European Association for International Education, the World Hospital Congress or the World Technological Governance Summit by DFS are just a few examples of what you can find in this city.

As you can see, Barcelona is not just one of the most beautiful cities in Spain but also a referent in terms of business. Everything the city offers has leveled it with classic destinations like Viena or Zurich, being direct rivals to host the biggest and more important business events in the world.

If you are looking for a wonderful corporate destination or needs help to plan your next event in Barcelona, feel free to contact us to talk about it.

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