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Be Spanish for a few days

Be Spanish for a few days - We'll show you how

If you want to experience Spain like a local, you cannot miss these ten activities you are sure never to forget:

1. Attend a Soccer Match
What can we say about soccer? We love it! Feel the atmosphere of the stadium, scream Gooooaal, and sing to cheer on our team. Going to a football game is an experience you must not miss if you travel to Spain during the season. The ideal cities to find a game in are Barcelona and Madrid.

2. Take a Siesta
This is one of the activities the Spaniards are more known for. Napping is a relaxing time after lunch, perfect for recharging your batteries in order to continue visiting the cities and enjoying the nightlife.

3. Shop
The elegant Spanish fashions feature high quality, handcrafted items, great brands, gourmet products and more. We are sure that, whatever destination you choose for your trip, you will find something that fascinates you.

4. Try the food
There is the paella, cocido, gazpacho, tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelet) and so much more to enjoy. Fine dining is truly a show in Spain. Whether eating at a renowned restaurant or on a terrace in the corner of some hidden place, we are confident that when you leave Spain one of your best memories will be the food.

5. Go to a traditional market
The Boqueria market in Barcelona, the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid and Valencia’s Central Market are some of the more spectacular markets built during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that now form part of the heritage in their respective cities. You will find unique places to eat well in all of them!

7. Discover the Nightlife
It is impossible to travel to Spain and not enjoy your evenings. Whatever your style, you will find the ideal plan for you, from a drink with a view or a cool party on a beach to the best DJs in an epic nightclub. You can easily go for a drink on a terrace and retire early in order to continue discovering fantastic places the next day or dance the night away and enjoy breakfast as the perfect touch to the end of a long night before going to sleep.

8. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
Coves sparkle with crystal clear water. The Mediterranean style transports you to another era. Let yourself be seduced by small fishing villages like Cadaques or Calella de Palafrugell or feel the magic of Ibiza and Formentera.

9. Drink fantastic wine
This small country is the third largest importer of wine around the world. You’ll find delicious wines throughout the peninsula including red, white, rose and sweet muscat. Be sure to enjoy a nice glass of wine along with dinner.

10. Get lost
Walk the streets that are full of history while discovering places and wonderful people. From cosmopolitan and vibrant capital cities to quiet and traditional villages, you’ll find the journey you desire in Spain.

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