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Flying to Spain

In recent decades Spain has invested in the improvement of its transport infrastructure (roads, ports and airports) in order to be a more competitive country globally.

As a result, today we can boast of two enviable airports that are included as part of the top 30 airports with the most air traffic over Europe. So, if you are looking for flights to Spain, these airports are the best options to start your trip.

The Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat airports have two new terminals which are architectural gems worthy of knowing. Both were built by important Spanish architects, Antonio Lamela and Ricardo Bofill, who, besides creating two huge surfaces for the main flights to Spain to pass by, have improved the comfort of all travelers.

Terminal 4 at Madrid-Barajas was designed with bamboo ceilings, providing guidance through a range of cool and warm colors indicating north and south.

Additionally, Terminal 1 at Barcelona-Prat includes a spa, fitness center, beauty salon, four VIP rooms and an ecumenical chapel. Passengers traveling on business have access to a business center of 8500 square meters featuring five offices and a multipurpose area with four meeting rooms.

Although there is nothing more boring than having to wait several hours at the airport, these two spaces allow you to enjoy yourself from arrival to departure.

Both terminals, filled with world-famous fashion brands, are the best distractions to make your wait more enjoyable. Cartier, Carolina Herrera, Zara, Mango, FC Barcelona Store and Accessorize are just some of the stores where you can invest your time before your flight.

So, do not hesitate. If you are flying to Spain, these two airports are the best choices to help you create a memorable trip.

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