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Honeymoon Ideas in Spain

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We always talk about adventure, luxury and historic places to visit, but did you know that Spain has some neat places to go for your HONEYMOON? I bet you don’t! Here we are once again surprising you about the great and different activities that you can do in this beautiful country.

Spain is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, surely a luckily location when talking about beaches. We are sure you know about some of the paradisiacal beaches we have here, like Formentera in the Balearic islands, and Ibiza itself that is very well known around the world for its beauty and party atmosphere.

The great news is that besides those places many different and beautiful destinations are a little bit more hidden of the public eye, and that makes Spain the perfect location for a honeymoon, if that is what you want.

If you are more of a romantic person you would maybe refer a different honeymoon, more a fairy tale honeymoon. This puts Spain in a great place because of it historical locations and magical towns that we have here. That is why we decided to talk in this post about your options when choosing our beloved country for your Honeymoon.

One of the most chosen locations for a honeymoon are beaches, fortunately In this matter your options are endless when travel to Spain. Galicia, Catalonia, Andalucía, Balearic and Canary Islands all have beautiful and magic beaches that are the perfect set for a romantic and luxurious Honeymoon in Spain.

Lanzarote in Canary Islands is a great spot for those first entering the married life because is a magic place that allows you to connect with your partner, and to have the much needed intimacy and peace that are a must for many when choosing the honeymoon. Here you and your significant other will connect when enjoying the beautiful of the landscape, the peacefully beaches, and when going to have a special treatment at the SPA of your resort all tailored to your needs, tastes and desires.

La Costa Brava is one of our favorite places for romantics and adventurers lovers, just imagine for a second you and your soul mate sailing the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in a lateen boat, or going for a kayak trip in those crystal and rocky waters. If you don’t like navigate we can also can organize a romantic medieval town’s route by bike, ending your route at the beach with a romantic picnic that we will settle down for you. It would be the perfect plan at the perfect place with the perfect company.

Andalucía gives you the opportunity to have a fairy tale honeymoon in Spain. Have I told you before that you can spend a night in a real Castle here in Spain? I believe there is not a better opportunity to do this in your timeline that your honeymoon. For that reason we want you to picture yourself sleeping on a castle with all that implies (the castle, the view, the building) and mix that with a bunch of activities of this type for your day activities like for example going for a ride in a beautiful horse carriage around the town.

This is only an appetizer of all that Spain has to offer to you and your partner to start a happily life together. We are very fortunate to have the weather we have and the beautiful natural and historical places we have around all Spain. There is nothing that makes us more happy that being able to share all that with you and to give you the most unique and unforgettable honeymoon trip.

If you need help planning a unique honeymoon in Spain, we will be glad to assist you. Just email us!

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