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Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip Luxury Ideas for your Barcelona Trip

Barcelona, the most visited Spanish city, is well known around the world for having a unique cultural heritage.

There are few places in the world where you can find the type of luxury that you find in this cosmopolitan city. The location, weather, and having centuries of history, make Barcelona the perfect place to plan the luxury trip you have always wanted.

There are activities for all kinds of luxury travelers: exclusive dining experiences, unique shopping tours, luxury hotels and spas, and amazing activities.

Probably you already know that food means everything for Spaniards. As we have commented before in other posts, Mediterranean gastronomy is well known for being delicious, but in Barcelona you will go a step further, because here, you can find a large variety of Michelin Star’s restaurants.

If you travel to Barcelon, and you are looking for luxury gastronomic experiences, you can have world class experience tasting Catalonian cuisine with a Michelin Star Chef. But if you are looking for something really unique… What if I tell you that there is a restaurant with only one table? They focus on you and no one else. It is incredible right?

Also, if you are the type of traveler that do not want to miss the highlights of the city, you could go on a VIP Bus and do the tour while you have dinner a fantastic menu designed by a Michelin Star Chef.

The luxury gastronomic experience in Barcelona are endless because, the city has 32 Michelin Star restaurants for 2017, and each one offers a different experience for its guests.

If you love shopping, you would love to know that in Barcelona you can find the best and most recognized designers in a 17 minute walk, but you also have the opportunity to go for a unique experience where you can discover Spanish local designers as Loewe for purses, Castañer who designs the trendy traditional Spanish shoes, Rosa Clara for the most beautiful wedding dresses, and of course some small and luxury jewelry ateliers as Majoral.

If you are looking for a shopping day, our personal shopper will give you the best advice on trends and style and also will help you access to designer’s boutiques and showrooms.

At this point, you can already guess that the hotels are not going to diminish this unique experience you are about to have in Barcelona.

Again, the city has plenty options because there is a wide amount of luxury Hotels where you could stay. An example is W hotel, besides the sophisticated design and its location the W Hotel has exceptional scenery.

You could almost feel like sailing the Mediterranean while you are lounging in your bed, because the views in the rooms and suites are incomparable.

After a couple of days shopping and exploring the city of Barcelona you will appreciate a unique Spa Experience.

The cosmopolitan city gives us many options again; all of them offer an extensive menu of treatments with pools, suites, and terraces, all depending on your preferences. Do you want to bathe in authentic roman baths? You will have it!

Maybe you will prefer to have a beauty treatment or get a relaxing massage with panoramic view from the 43rd floor of a five star hotel. You have it!

If you prefer the Mayal rituals and traditions, as well as the authentic Balinese luxury? Barcelona have it!

After relaxing at some of our favorite luxury Spas you will be ready for some action again. If you are a soccer lover you would love to make a Camp Nou VIP tour with a Barcelona’s ex-player or watching the soccer game from a VIP area.

For wine lovers, Barcelona offers a helicopter ride to visit some of the best Catalonian wineries and have unique luxury activities. You could enjoy cooking lessons, premium tasting and having food at the vineyards.

Last luxury idea for your trip to Barcelona, but not less, is to attend to watch an Opera at Liceu theater, which offers a special elegance and royalty like no other place in the city.

Would you like to live these unique experiences when visiting Barcelona? You decide which options suits better for your travel, and if after all this information you are wanting to arrange a truly luxury trip to Barcelona, contact us, and we will be glad to help you to create a tailor made journey just for you.

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