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Is Spain a Paradise for Medical Tourism?

Spain is turning to be one of the most important countries in the world in terms of medicine. Some of the most reputed doctors are Spanish or are working in Spain and there are determined medical fields which are highly advanced here. But, why do people from all over the world come to Spain to take advantage of our medical system and some other different interests?

There are people from every part of the world who come to Spain looking for the benefits of having a surgery or any kind of medical treatment in the Spanish system. Every year, the number of visitors increases to the point of making Spain being in the top 5 of medical destinations. Currently, the Institute for Development and Integration for Health Services (IDIS), states that the number of visitors is growing steadily, around a 20% annually. So, in 2018 around 140.000 travelers will enjoy Spanish health system. But, what are all those people taking advantage of? There are different factors that come together to make Spain one of the world leaders in terms of health tourism.

Well, first of all, we have to talk about the quality of Spanish health system. It is worldwide recognized and lots of the most important doctors and scientists are from Spain. Forbes magazine devotes an article to some of the most well-valued doctors in Spain, talking about different fields and specializations. Most of them work in the private sector, for reputed clinics that are specialized in cancer treatments, cosmetic surgery or assisted reproduction. They also have the best equipment and techniques to satisfy their customers in the best possible way.
Moreover, we have to take a look to what kind of medical services are people using when coming to Spain. As you may know, Spain is a worldwide leader in terms of artificial insemination. Foreign customers coming to Spain to take these services tend to spend a considerable time in Spain, which can be used for making some tourism. Professionals working in Spain have become this kind of practice into one of the most profitable and valued in the private sector of health. Cosmetic surgery is also head to head with artificial insemination. These two health fields are the ones with more demand among the foreigners coming to Spain, as they can find different ingredients to a magic cocktail the will satisfy both their personal and medical necessities. It has to be pointed out that they also make use of other kinds of services as traumatology, ophthalmology, or cardiology, but numbers cannot equal the ones of the two formerly mentioned.

We all agree that not only Spain can offer this kind of services. So, what is what attracts people to come to Spain to get these services? Spain counts with a perfect weather and a leisure offer that is difficult to equal. There are different areas which are perfect to come and, as the patient waits for the treatment, they can spend some time by making some trips and discovering the wonders of the Mediterranean shore. So, visitors can combine a high quality medical treatment with an astonishing environment to enjoy a good weather. So, not only the fame and quality of the hospital or clinic is crucial but also the location. So, if the health center is close to a leisure complex, the trip to Spain can be absolutely complete.

Obviously, health in Spain cannot be compared with countries such as Hungary, Belarus or Turkey both in terms of quality and price. These countries offer treatments at a much lower cost, but quality absolutely lower. They are ahead on “low cost” health tourism, but cannot compete against Spain if you combine price and quality. What Spain offers is a balanced package between high quality medical centers and the competitive prices of leisure, ranging from beach resorts to luxury hotels with all kinds of facilities.

Spain is the perfect destination for those who are looking for receiving a medical treatment and spend a few days or weeks relaxing, enjoying the weather and discovering among marvelous cities and landscapes, especially in the field of assisted reproduction or cosmetic surgeries. Spain holds the perfect combination of quality medical services and luxury leisure that will make you feel better than ever, both in your inside and outside.

This may be a great opportunity to bear in mind if you are thinking on taking some of the treatments or surgeries commented above. Think no more and make the most of your vacation. We will be glad to help you to design an exclusive medical trip to Spain and take care of you since your arrival to be sure you have an extraordinary experience and that while you are under treatment, you will enjoy the wonders of Spain and you will receive the cares you need at that time.

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